Foil Work & Foil Printing

Foil work–also known as foil accents–is the way to enhancing standard printed materials with foil made to mimic precious metals such as gold, silver, or copper.  Foil work is not a specific media, but rather something we do to a media to enhance it. Rather than printing messages, labels, and titles with color ink, foil is substituted to create a striking contrast with the background material. Foil lettering looks superb on both white and black backgrounds. Catdi Printing’s most common stocks for foil work include 14 pt uncoated white paper or 20 pt plastic stock. Both function as superb backgrounds for striking messages that literally look like they are made from shining metal

It is not the actual constitution of the foil work that is important–it is the appearance and connotation.  When people see gold  lettering on a white or black background, or silver or copper lettering on a dark background, their minds make their own associations between your brand and what these metals represent in human history, tradition, and economics.  Stated very plainly and colloquially, we could say that foil work makes your materials “look rich.” It is almost impossible for someone to look at print media featuring foil lettering and not take a second look.

Plastic cards stand out even more than they typically do when they are enhanced with foil work.  The copper coloring looks very bold and authoritative on frosted or translucent plastic cards. Of course, gold and silver, coloring has its own exceptional symbolic significance and works its own magic on the eye.  If you are uncertain as to which color to choose, let a Catdi in house designer help you. Our creative team can take any idea–even a vague, general thought–and generate exceptional designs that place an organization or an even in just the right spotlight.  

Foil work is as an excellent way to enhance traditional card stocks for business cards.  The 14pt or 16pt business card stock is the most common thickness used for business cards and other promotional materials.  It is a great deal thicker than standard writing paper, obviously, but also thin enough to slip into a wallet or a purse without feeling stiff or bulky.  Most of the business cards being printed today are still printed on 14 pt stock, as are gift cards and social cards. However, when foil lettering is applied in place of standard inks, the standard takes on the appearance of the unique and the exceptional.  Most of us have received a business card at least once in our lives that featured foil lettering. Not only did we take a second look at the card, but we also made it a point not to lose it.

Invitations, flyers, and announcements have a similar, riveting effect on the mind when enhanced by foil work. In addition there’s an alternative to foil printing and its called Akuafoil. This is a great option as it gives you a full spectrum of colors to work with. You do not have to be a design expert, and you do not have to make a final choice in colors until you finalize your proofs.  Just get the message you want into an email, and let our team do the rest. Contact Catdi Printing today and consider adding foil to your next order of business, social, or promotional cards.  

Business Cards with Foil
Foil Business Card Samples