Helpful content is key to Hubert's direct mail

A direct mail catalog can provide a lot of value to its customers simply by repositioning its existing products.

Mailer Name: Hubert Co.
Date Mailed: May 2016

hubertc_01Hubert sells visual merchandising and support items to food service and brick-and-mortar retailers worldwide. It markets in several channels, including direct mall.

This slim-jim catalog targets food retailers with content intended to help its intended audience think in new ways. Presentation and staging are crucial to the success of these enterprises, as the mail piece tries to prove.

The catalog showcases the “Five Elements of Visual Merchandising.”

Across several spreads, it uses its products to illustrate how each one can be used by the business to maximize impact and improve the customer experience. For example, the texture of objects displaying food can be leveraged to create different impressions for customers.

catalogAdditional spreads combine two or more of the elements to demonstrate how they can be implemented with actual foods. Others go further, incorporating them into larger real-world settings, like those representing real-world trends.

Among other things to note:

  • The role of testimonials, starting with the front cover
  • How Hubert positions its branded items
  • The near-absence of calls to action

You can get a more complete look at how Hubert stands apart in providing B-to-B content. To download a free PDF of this mail package, courtesy of Who’s Mailing What!, please click here.

The Takeaway
By getting a customer to think of how their products or services are part of a greater strategy or design, you can win more of their business

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