Helping Business Reopen During the Shutdown

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Catdi’s Printing Services Are Here To Help Reopening Businesses


Welcome Back!

Our team at Catdi Printing, home to one of the strongest marketing platforms in the Southwest, is excited to provide great resources for businesses looking to tell the world that they finally reopened! We understand the many local outfits were forced to temporarily close their in-person services to observe government regulations during the COVID-19 shutdowns. But now that everyone is getting back to work, we’re looking forward to serving all of our customer’s printing needs to get them back up and running.

 While we know that the reopening process looks different for every business, Catdi wants our returning and new customers to know that our highly skilled printing and design experts are ready to craft those beautiful marketing materials that Catdi is known for.

 The benefit of meeting with our printing consultants is that you tell us what you have in mind, and we take care of the rest. From consultations to nailing down the specifics, our experts will guide you through the entire process. We’re living in a completely new world than we were a few months ago. The Catdi team is prepared to assist business owners in making the adjustments needed to their marketing campaigns in order to obtain optimal results from their print marketing.

 Reopening businesses have some obstacles to overcome in order to get operations back to where they were before the quarantine. The first thing that every business has to do is let their customers know that they are reopened and ready to serve their community. Here at Catdi, we are offering our very own reopening toolkit to help get your brand back out there:


We decided to create a ton of free signage for businesses that looking to create social distance signage for their customers. As consumers, we have all gotten out of the habit of going to physical store locations for our shopping needs. Now that your business has reopened, it is absolutely essential that all of your past customers know that you are ready to serve them. While it’s always a good idea to announce your reopening on your website and other online channels, business owners underestimate how much of their business comes from foot traffic and word of mouth.


Placing large signage in your store windows and in front of your business is going to play an important role in helping you achieve a successful reopening. As you explore how to safely reopen, we have ideas & designs that make planning ahead easier. These designs are sized from 18” x 24” to 24” x 36” and will suit a range of products, including Gator Board, Yard Signs, Posters, Styrene and Sidewalk Signs.

Whatever kind of signage you want to use to let the world know that you have reopened, Catdi is here and ready to help.


Promotional Products and Swag

Our promo products and swag printing services are a great way to reintroduce your brand to the post-shutdown world. Branded merch is an awesome way to enhance brand recognition and spread the word about your business’s reopening . No matter how great of a business you’re running, you have to make sure that consumers know you exist. Branded products are a great way to help make your business a household name in your community.

 Once you have them in the door, customer retention becomes crucial in ensuring long-term success. The key factor is keeping your customers engaged with your business and making sure your brand is the first thing they think of when they need your product or service. Even if you provided them with an awesome experience their first time around, people are busier than ever these days, and it’s all too easy to forget about the great experience you offer. This is where branded merchandise can save the day.

 Thanks to the fact that branded merch helps with memory recall, it will cement your brand’s name in the minds of your customers so they will automatically know where to go next time they need your type of services. The more exposure you can drive and retention you can attain, the more longevity you’ll find in your industry.

 How much do you enjoy free swag? We know we do. And the more you can have your brand name floating around your area, the bigger opportunity for acquiring new customers and retaining current ones.

 Whether you’re selling tangible items or a skilled service, professionally branding your merchandise with Catdi Printing is a great way to spread the word.


Business Card Printing

There are few things more important in business than networking, especially now that you need to reignite the excitement in your local community about your business after the quarantine. . Shaking hands, kissing babies, and handing out professional business cards; is there any better way of getting new clients? People value the human connections that are made either in the community or inside your store, so by having professionally designed and printed business cards ready to go, you can give your new customers a piece of your business to carry with them.

We offer a wide variety of coating and stocks, print different shapes and sizes, and provide speedy delivery of your desired cards. We print quantities ranging from 25 to 100,000 pieces in an efficient and budget friendly manner.

But Catdi, why can’t we just print our cards ourselves? While this is technically always an option, there is simply no comparison between the look of a professionally polished and design Catdi Business Card and that of a flat-looking index card you print and cut from home.


While printing business cards may seem like a minor footnote to the more complex and high-visibility activities of a marketing campaign, the importance of a business card cannot be emphasized enough. Although small in size, the business card is the one thing in your marketing portfolio that a potential client is most likely to keep for future reference.The process of  printing business cards in Houston does not have to be expensive—just thorough and calculated enough with a professional image to make that critical first impression lead to sales calls.

Flyer Printing

Flyers are a super effective method for keeping your customers in the loop with the grand reopening details for your business. Whether you’re planning on posting flyers around town on bulletin boards or passing them out at conventions or sales events, having impressively professional flyers designed and printed by Catdi is the way to go. Design them from scratch or get started with the help of our custom templates. All you need is a logo, image, and a bit of text and voila! We’ll deliver beautiful flyers to you with a fast turnaround to help you keep your marketing momentum rolling. Single or double-sided designs are available, as are matte and glossy finishes. Pick them up in-store or have them delivered today!


NCR Form Printing

With the help of Catdi printing, you will now be able to create an appealing impression of your business to your clients and prospective partners by offering full color carbonless forms that are printed on high quality NCR paper. With the NCR forms, you can easily produce multiple copies of a single document by either handwritten or typed format. They are very handy for a business when creating invoices, receipts, delivery notes, contracts or purchase orders. The NCR forms are very handy and crucial when it comes to controlling the chances of errors since the similar information is relayed in all documents, the originals and the copies.


The full color forms are available in 2-part that is in white and canary and 3-part that comes in white, yellow and pink color at two different sizes, half page 5.5”x8.5” and full page 8.5”x11”. Your desired NCR form can be printed on the front and back depending on the type of your content, as well as sequential numbering is inserted.


There are 3 simple options for working with Catdi Printing to develop your NCR forms:

  1. Create your own custom form from scratch and send it our way.
  2. With the help of our template selection, find the one that best aligns with your brand and fill in your desired information.
  3. Partner with one of our top-tier designers and create your very own design.


We provide everything you need to design the best NCR forms in town. So what are you waiting for?

Large Format Printing

In both Houston and the Southwest overall, Catdi is known for being one of the premier large format printing producers in the area. If you’re looking to leave no doubt whether your business is open and taking new customers, working with Catdi to create a large-scale sign is a great option! It takes advanced speciality production equipment to accommodate print dimensions that are larger than average, which is why we have recently made significant investments in our large format capabilities.


We have a state of the art digital printing system that allows us to print a wide range of large-scale prints quickly and cost-effectively. Large format printing is most commonly used for printing billboard ads, and we also specialize in window decals, banners, and car magnets. But whatever your large scale printing needs may be, chances are that Catdi will be able to deliver the goods. So if you’re in need of new and improved marketing materials that most printing companies lack the technology to handle, let Catdi take care of everything for you.

Door Hangers

Unfortunately, most businesses were forced to temporarily close their doors during the pandemic shutdowns. Now that the economy is reopening, it is essential that your customers know you are back in business. Door hangers are a great way to remind the world of what makes your products and services so special.


Door hanger advertising also helps you save on postage and mailing costs. By representing your company’s message from door to door, you can use door hanger advertising to promote your business to your community without the hassle of collecting people’s personal information.


All of Catdi’s door hanger and rip hanger printing comes on sturdy 12 point card stock on a weather resistant coating with all perforations and die cuts include


Whether you are reopening or a brand new business preparing to open your doors, door hanger advertising gives you the chance to announce to the community that you are excited to serve them. It’s also a great way to establish the quality brand image that is essential for a successful business, and the Catdi design team will be there with you every step of the way to make sure the results are even greater than you had imagined.

Notepad Printing

With Catdi Notepad Printing, we deliver high quality notepads for you and your customers to keep handy, which means that your brand is always top of mind. Brand awareness has never been more crucial than it is now. We print taglines, contact information, calls to action, logos and slogans in full-color letterhead that is easily seen and easily remembered. Our products don’t just look great, they’re extremely durable and built to last. The chipboard backing is the industry standard and allows the product to perform well over time. We provide the option to choose between 25 or 50 page notepads. Standard size is 8.5” X 11”, but Catdi will also create custom sizes that include special artwork and designs.


See You Soon!

Now that you’re back in action, the Catdi team is excited to see you soon. No matter what kind of printing needs you may have, our team of experts are excited to help bring your marketing materials to life. Check out the Printing Services tab on our website to learn more or stop by to chat with an expert 1 on 1. We’re looking forward to it. 

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