Why a Funeral Program Is Still the Number #1 Funeral Keepsake

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When planning funeral arrangements for a funeral it is a good idea to implement a memorial keepsake of the decease. Each person who attends the funeral looks forward to receiving an obituary funeral program. It tells the story of the life once lived and provides historical and genealogy information of the decease.

The reason the funeral program is the number #1 funeral keepsake is its cost effectiveness. On average you can provide each guest a funeral program for under dollar. In fact, you can reduce that cost by printing a larger quantity as printing cost is determined on a sliding scale. The more you print the less you pay. The less you print the more you pay.

There are many memorial keepsake gifts that can be provided at the funeral but none as cost effective as the funeral program. Another reason the funeral program is an effective keepsake for the funeral is the obituary. The obituary is the life story of the decease. Everyone who attends the funeral wants a copy of the funeral program for this reason. It allows the reader an opportunity to read the official obituary at a later date.

In my professional career I worked as a full color digital Printer, printing obituaries for funeral homes. After working with hundreds of funeral homes many funeral directors do not place great importance on having funeral programs at the funeral. The professional services rendered by the funeral director and casket cost will deplete any ones budget. This creates a minimizing effect for any other specialty services or keepsakes.

The obituary funeral program is vitally important as it contains real world data that can be used for genealogy and historical purposes. I can remember attending my family reunion in Ohio one year. As the family was gathering for one of the schedule events, they began talking about my great-great-great grandfather. I had never seen him or knew what he looked liked. I was curious to see where my dad had got his looks from. To my amazement one of my aunts had a funeral program with his photo on it that she had saved for many years. The publication was dated back to 1926. Apparently the printed publication had been passed down through the family for years.

As a result, I was able to see my great-great-great grand father and read the family lineage. There are many choices available for a memorial keepsake. However, there is only one keepsake that is a true staple in the funeral industry, the funeral program.

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