Houston Webdesign Firm Catdi offers new clients up to 40% off on web design package to boost sales

Small, medium and large businesses today depend to a great extent on websites for marketing their products and services. They strive to establish a strong online presence with the help of a well designed, user friendly website. Most companies take the help of a reputed and professionally managed web design company that can place them above competition.

The role played by websites in the growth and success of businesses cannot be underestimated. According to the President Carlos deSantos of Catdi, a popular web design firm in Houston, even top marketing and web design firms such as their own have been affected by the sluggish economy.

Carlos says that since the time they started the firm, they are offering the lowest ever web design rates and this is an excellent opportunity for businesses in Houston to upgrade current platform or redesign their sites in keeping with the competition.

Websites are no doubt backbones of any business and it is in the interest of the business owner to choose the right web design company that can offer professional yet affordable services. Before choosing the right firm, it is necessary to keep budget in mind. In today’s tough economic times,

Expert professionals in reputed web design companies like Catdi are adept at advising clients on the page arrangement, layout design and other features. It is in the interest of the business owner to provide accurate details on what they want the website to do and the audience they are planning on marketing to.

If the business is located in Houston, then it is necessary to take enough time to narrow down on the list of reliable companies and go through their previous web designing work. If the sites have appealing graphics and are well designed, then it is time to ask for the quote.

Highly professional companies know how to market to the target audience by incorporating a variety of styles in graphic designing. Their process will be clear and experts will take enough time in understanding the nature of the business, the business owner’s specific goals and information architecture principles.

Companies that are in business for a couple of years or more tend to have more experience and will be in a better position to show previously designed websites and customer testimonials. Pricing plays a major role especially in today’s tough economic situation. Choose companies that offer good discounts.

For example, web design firm Catdi offers new clients up to 40% off on web design package to boost sales. The company also offers CMS websites for as low as $999 and offers a range of web design packages.

Services include CMS platform creation, free hosting for two years, adding content, uploading template design, creating content databases and email, creating attractive image gallery, SEO enabled pages and contact form.

Professional web design companies also offer the facility to load site on server, include the site in Google Maps and offer unlimited pages apart from domain purchase for one year.

Ask for detailed proposals from the professional you are dealing with before handing over the job. Companies usually include details such as process definition, services offered, project timeline and pricing in the proposal.

For more details on web design services in Houston, log on to www.catdi.com

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