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Finding a trustworthy printing and design marketing company in Houston, or anywhere for that matter, can be extremely challenging. This is exactly why Catdi, Inc. came into existence. Our mission is to alleviate this burden for you, so sit back and leave the rest to us. As a reputable Houston-based company, Catdi specializes in printing, web design, and direct mail marketing. With us, you can conveniently address all your printing and web marketing requirements without the hassle of searching for multiple vendors.

As a Houston based marketing company we have all the tools and resources that get you noticed. Catdi’s main marketing objective is to help medium sized companies and small businesses reach their full marketing potential. We have found many small businesses sometimes fail to grasp the importance of one’s Printing and direct mail marketing. Sending direct mail pieces without giving much thought of the quality or design can cost businesses great deals of money.

As a Houston based marketing company, Catdi understands the significance of effective marketing strategies in promoting businesses. We possess a wide array of tools and resources that are specifically designed to elevate your brand visibility and make you stand out from the competition.

At Catdi, our primary marketing objective is to assist medium-sized companies and small businesses in realizing their maximum marketing potential. We firmly believe that every business, regardless of its size, has the potential to thrive and succeed with the right marketing approach.

However, simply sending out direct mail pieces without considering the quality or design can prove to be costly for businesses. At Catdi, we emphasize the importance of creating impactful and visually appealing direct mail pieces that captivate your audience’s attention. Our team of skilled designers and marketers work collaboratively to ensure that your direct mail materials not only look professional but also effectively communicate your brand message.

By investing in high-quality printing and well-thought-out designs, businesses can significantly enhance their chances of success with direct mail marketing. A poorly designed or low-quality direct mail piece can easily be overlooked or discarded, resulting in wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Catdi has a wide range of print and design services that exemplifies your business’s level of integrity and success. Catdi provides back office print services ranging from color copies to full color brochures to quality web design. We aim to provide premier services at affordable prices. Don’t believe us check out our commercial print pricing catalog

Catdi is driven to provide excellent print and direct mail services with the highest level of customer service. Over the past several years Catdi has built long-term business relationships regionally and nationally. In addition to serving our primary client base in Houston, we regularly service the surrounding metropolitan areas.

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