How to Design Striking Uncoated Letterheads That Stand Out?


Imagine your messages arriving with a touch of class, a whisper of sophistication in this digital age. It all begins with a letterhead, but not just any letterhead – an uncoated wonder that stands out boldly. Are you ready to dive into the art of crafting unforgettable uncoated letterheads? In this guide, we’ll unravel the secrets behind designs that capture attention effortlessly. 

From choosing the right paper to mastering the art of ink, we’ll equip you with the tools to create letterheads that speak volumes. No complicated jargon here, just plain, practical advice to help you transform your stationery into a memorable introduction. So, let’s get started on this journey where your uncoated letterheads become the true ambassadors of your unique style.

The Basics of Uncoated Letterheads

So what’s the big deal about uncoated letterheads anyway? Simply put, they offer a natural, textured feel that coated letterheads can’t provide. Uncoated paper absorbs ink differently, providing a rich, vibrant look to your text and graphics.

Crafting Your Brand Identity Through Custom Letterheads

Alright, let’s talk about brand identity. Your letterhead isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a representation of your brand. Custom letterheads that are uncoated can make your brand appear more authentic and sophisticated. So, how do you go about it?

How to Design Striking Uncoated Letterheads?

Aligning Design Elements

You’ve decided on using uncoated paper, which is a fantastic choice! But that’s just the beginning. The design elements you choose, such as logos, fonts, and colors, play a vital role in the impact your letterhead will make.

Logo: The Focal Point

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity. Choose its placement wisely; typically, the top-center or top-left corner are go-to spots. The logo should be crisp and in high-resolution.

Fonts and Typography

The fonts you choose should align with your brand’s personality. Are you a corporate business or a creative agency? Each will call for different typography. Choose fonts that are legible and elegant. You’re aiming for a balance between aesthetics and readability.

Colors: Less is More

When it comes to color schemes, keep it simple. Stick to two or three colors that align with your brand’s established color palette. Remember, colors can evoke emotions; make sure they align with the message you’re trying to convey.

Navigating the Paper Jungle

Choosing the right paper for your uncoated letterheads can feel overwhelming, with all the types and thicknesses available. Let’s break it down:

Quality: Aim High

When your clients hold your letterhead, they’ll instantly gauge its quality. A poor choice can make even a great design fall flat. Always opt for high-quality paper that complements your design.

Thickness: It Matters

Don’t skimp on the paper weight. A thicker paper often feels more luxurious and conveys a sense of quality. However, extremely thick paper may not run smoothly through all types of printers, so aim for a balanced thickness.

Designing for Print vs Digital

Ah, the eternal debate. Should your focus be on print or digital? Actually, it’s not a case of either-or; you should be optimizing for both. Let’s explore:

Print: It’s All About Texture

When designing for print, consider how your uncoated letterhead will feel in your clients’ hands. The texture of the paper, the ink’s absorption—these elements will contribute to the tactile experience.

Digital: Think Resolution and Scale

In the digital world, your letterhead might be seen on various devices with different screen sizes. Ensure your design is scalable and that all elements, especially text, remain legible on screens big and small.

Letterhead Designing and Printing: Do’s and Don’ts


  • High-Resolution Elements

Your logo, images, and all graphical elements must be at least 300 DPI. This ensures that the printed version will appear sharp and crisp. If you print a low-res image, it’s like serving a gourmet meal on a paper plate; it just diminishes the quality.

  • Check Alignment

Before hitting the print button, triple-check all alignments. That includes your logo, text, and any other elements. If something is even a millimeter off, it can draw the eye for all the wrong reasons.

  • Color Calibration

Make sure the colors on your screen match what the printer will output. This might require some test prints, but it’s worth getting it spot on. Remember, colors can look different in RGB on your screen and in CMYK on the print.

  • Quality Check

Before you print hundreds of copies, print one as a test run. Check the ink, alignment, and quality. It’s your last chance to catch any mistakes or make last-minute adjustments.

  • Choose the Right Printer

Not all printers are created equal. Some are better suited for text, while others excel at photos and graphics. Choose a printer that complements your design and paper type.


  • Overcomplicate

Simplicity often yields the most elegant results. Overloading your letterhead with too many elements can be overwhelming and counterproductive.

  • Ignore Printer Settings

Printer settings aren’t just a set-and-forget deal. For the best results, tailor your printer settings to match your paper type, ink, and design complexity.

  • Forget the Bleed

Your design should extend into the bleed area to avoid any unsightly borders or edges in the final print. Ignoring the bleed settings can result in a less-than-perfect final product.

  • Use Web Images

Images pulled from the web are often low-resolution and not suitable for printing. Always use high-res images to ensure the best quality.

  • Ignore Paper Stock

You chose uncoated paper for a reason, right? Make sure to adjust your printer settings to match your paper choice. The wrong setting can result in smudging or uneven ink distribution.

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So there you have it! Design letterheads that are uncoated can really set your brand apart. Remember, every tiny detail contributes to the larger picture. Ready to make a lasting impression with your letterhead? Order yours now!

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