8 Elements You Should Include in Your Next Run of EDDM Postcards


The success of a small business relies on its ability to market its offerings effectively. A small business may have the best products and services and offer exceptional customer service, but if customers do not know about its existence, it will not get any sales. Marketing helps to reach out to potential customers and entice them to try your products and services. However, unlike large brands that have huge marketing budgets, small businesses do not have many bucks to spend on marketing. They have small budgets that have to accommodate all their day-to-day activities, including marketing. Therefore, most small businesses depend on no cost and low-cost marketing methods. EDDM postcards are among the most successful inexpensive marketing methods for small and local businesses.

What are EDDM Postcards?

EDDM is an acronym for Every Door Direct Mail. It is a USPS service that lets you promote your business to households and businesses in your desired neighborhoods. Using the service, you can reach your prospects in a specific area easily and affordably. Your printed ads will be distributed to all households located in a given area. For example, if you are a local restaurant that wants to promote your delivery menus, you can use EDDM postcards to notify your target neighborhoods about them.

Why Should Small Businesses Use EDDM Postcards?

They’re cost effective

EDDM postcards come with a reduced postal cost and hence accommodate small and local businesses with tiny marketing budgets. With EDDM postcards, you don’t require a mailing list, and therefore you don’t have to incur the cost of purchasing one. You simply specify your target neighborhood, and USPS does the rest.

Also, you don’t require postage permits like before –which could be as costly as $450- and hence save money. EDDM postcards have low cost-per-lead, making them an inexpensive marketing method compared to other traditional marketing methods.

It saves time

Your business does not have to spend loads of time searching for mailing addresses. Instead, you just concentrate on print marketing and content while the postal services handle the rest. You can focus on the core activities of your business, such as sales and customer service.

They’re effective

According to the United States Postal Service, consumers receive 98% of delivered mail the same day, with 77% of them being sorted and 47% being opened. A direct mail study revealed that postcards are useful advertising methods. Since a postcard does not require opening, the recipient will receive the message.

They offer greater flexibility

EDDM postcards come in various sizes to accommodate any type of content. Whether you want to send a short sales announcement or a detailed product story, EDDM postcards let you do that.

Easy coupons and specials distribution

EDDM has a low cost of distribution and hence can be ideal for giving out coupons, discounts, and event sales.

Produce eye-catching postcards

Thanks to technology, you can print colorful and eye-catching EDDM postcards that are visually attractive. They help you stand out from your competitors and catch the prospects’ attention.

Easy targeting

Among the main benefits of EDDM postcards is that they allow local area marketing. EDDM postcards are geographically-focused and directed to prospects that are likely to make a purchase. For instance, if your business is a spa and you offer coupons on the postcard, the next time a customer wants to visit a spa, she may consider your business to redeem the code.

Elements You Should Include in Your EDDM Postcards


A picture is worth a thousand words, but an effective EDDM postcard design is equivalent to a thousand leads. Below are eight elements you should include in your next run of EDDM postcards to maximize your returns.

1.   Headline

Your EDDM postcard should contain a clear and bold headline that lets the recipient identify the main idea –what the postcard is all about. It is best practice to use a bigger font size for the headline to differentiate it from the rest of the text. At first glance, the readers should know what you are promoting. Is it a spa, restaurant, attorney service, or cleaning service?

2.   Graphics

You should choose a graphic that is easy to understand and resonates with your headline. A graphic reinforces the message as well as catches attention. For example, if you are a real estate business trying to get people to list their homes, you can reinforce your message with a picture of a home with a clear and visible SOLD sign.

3.   Colors

You can use color to make your message pop. Look for a color that is relevant to your message. Although most marketers employ the psychology of color to entice customers, you can use the color patterns that relate to your business.

4.   The offer

Give readers a reason to contact you NOW by providing an offer. You can give them limited-time offers, coupons, and great discounts. Additionally, apart from including the features of your products, also state the benefits. For example, apart from telling your prospects that you offer low-interest rates on mortgages, tell them the benefit of low- interest rates –lower monthly payments.

5.   Call to action

After providing all information on your EDDM postcard, follow it with a straightforward call-to-action. Let your recipients know what you want them to do after reading your postcard. Do you want them to call you for more information, check you out online, or visit your store to redeem a coupon?

Make it clear!

6.   Contact Information

Do not forget to include your name, phone number, and web address in your EDDM postcard. It should be clear and legible.

7.   Typography

Nobody wants to read a poorly arranged and designed EDDM postcard. Ensure you design your postcard in a way that appeals to readers. Your choice of typeface can be influential to readers and convey emotions and thus should be done cautiously. For example, if you want to stimulate humor, you can use a doodle-like font. If you want to evoke a professional feel, why not try Times New Roman font.

8.   Printing quality

Finally, your EDDM postcard should utilize durable materials and top-notch printing. The vividness of your text and graphics will influence the reader’s perception of your postcard. Catdi can help you print high-quality and durable EDDM postcards that help your business get noticed.

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