How to Properly Clean and Care For Your Foam Core Signs

Foamcore signs

It’s a fresh and clean sign that catches a passerby’s eye as they’re driving or walking. A sign can pull a person in to want to see and investigate more about what’s being advertised. It’s no secret how important it is to take care of your foamcore signs.

As a business owner, you already know the importance of foam core sign advantages. You know that they bring you more business and drive your traffic. Custom foam core signs can be the difference between making and breaking your expected business quota by getting the word out.

The real question is: do you know how to care for your foam core signage? It is important to know how to clean your signs and keep them looking carefully cared for. Here are a couple of tips for cleaning up your foamcore signs.

Choose When to Display Carefully

One of the best ways to keep your foamcore signs clean is to choose when you display them with cautious care. Be mindful of where you place your signs and how dirty they may get where you display them. You never want to put them in too much danger of being taken out or harmed.

Your signs should be placed in an area where you can easily take them in from any potential danger.

Keep In Mind the Conditions of Displays

Weather conditions are one thing you can’t always protect your signs from. Foamcore board signs should be carefully displayed in areas where they won’t become too damaged from the sun. While they’re made to withstand time, they also shouldn’t be placed in heavy winds or torrential downpours either.

Always keep in mind what the conditions are going to be like when placing your sign in a display spot. Try to find an area that isn’t going to experience different weather conditions that may put your sign in the line of being damaged.

Do Not Try to Over-clean

Another problem that causes constant wear and tears to your signage is over-cleaning them. A damp cloth should be all you need to make that sign look new again. Try to stay away from using any harsh chemicals on your foamcore sign.

Always read what is in the cleaners you use when cleaning your signs. You don’t want to use chemicals that are going to damage your signage and create more problems. A simple soft rag and some water should be enough to restore your signage to its original conditions.

Take Time to Care For Your Foamcore Signs

Signage for your business is an important part to take into consideration. This includes the upkeep of your foamcore signs. Use these tips to keep your signs in the best shape possible as time passes.

Don’t have foamcore signs yet to do your promotion for you? You’re in luck, we’re here to get you started and to begin putting your business at the forefront of everything. Let us know today how we can start helping you!

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