Not All Printers are Equal: How to Select the Right Printing Company for Your Business

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We may live in a digital age, but the need for printing services is still very much alive. Whether it’s a banner for your latest networking event, or direct mail marketing materials for your next marketing campaign, the need for excellent printing services is apparent.

However, not all printing companies are created equal. In fact, you’ll find that there can be major differences between companies. From being charged unexpected rates to prolonged shipping times, there’s a lot that you need to be aware of before selecting a provider.

Today, we break down everything you need to know when selecting a printing company. From what to look for to what to watch out for, if you have questions when it comes to printing companies, this guide is for you!

Read the Testimonials

As you likely know, the web contains a plethora of information. Why not use this information to your advantage? Any reputable printing service company will have client testimonials. You should be able to locate these either directly on a business’s website, or through online reviews such as Google Reviews. This can be a great starting point when you’re first comparing your options. If you find a printing company that has nothing but negative reviews, well, you know that there are probably better options out there.

Understand Pricing Options

Next, one of the most important elements that you will consider, price. After all, who doesn’t want a great deal? While you’ll find that many companies offer enticing pricing options, you’ll always want to be sure to read the fine print. The last thing that you want to happen is to be hit with an unexpected cost. Luckily, the Catdi Team strives for transparency when it comes to our pricing options. In fact, we even offer free shipping and a sample drop off to local clients within the Houston area. While some companies may promise cheaper rates, always be sure to know exactly what you’re getting. Any company that isn’t clear from the get-go is someone that you should be cautious of working with.

Look at Total Value

You’ll also want to consider total value when you’re comparing one printing service provider from another. While one printing company may offer deals such as a no minimum for orders, they may charge you an arm and a leg when it comes to shipping, or take weeks to deliver. Or worse yet, offer you nothing when it comes to receiving a sample of your order. After all, just imagine what a headache it could be to receive an order that looks terrible! Save yourself the stress and hassle of dealing with a bare bones printing company. Always consider the total value of the provider before placing an order. Not only will you likely receive a superior product, but you’ll also save yourself some hard earned cash in the process.

While selecting a printing business for your company isn’t the easiest decision, it’s an important one.

Here at Catdi, we pride ourselves on providing all of our clients’ superior printing and design services. Offering affordable prices, free shipping to local clients, and free samples before purchase, the Catdi team is dedicated to providing you the best when it comes to all of your printing and design needs.


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