Premium vs Budget Business Cards; Cheap Business Card Printing Houston

Premium vs. Budget Business Cards

Although recent years have seen brands go digital, offline is still a significant business playground. The very reason cheap business card printing Houston remain in huge demand, as they meet a wide range of professional needs. Say you are looking for brand recognition or easy networking, then that business card does it. But it is also one of the best and must-have collateral package tools for free advertising and call-to-action.

According to Houston printing experts, a nicely designed business card is an actual billboard, but one that fits in your pocket. It is a light, portable, and attractive print paper that you can hand to anyone, including random contacts that would eventually be your erstwhile clients and friends.

Not All Business Cards Are the Same; Cheap Business Card Printing Houston

Did you know that business cards vary and that often determines the cost? If you check from any of the cheap business card printing Houston printers, you will soon see that they have the standard business cards, embossed business cards, premium business cards, among many others.

Each of these has certain qualities to meet either a brand need or budgetary requirement. Typically, a high-quality business card such as a premium is for positive first impressions. Any prospective client can quickly cave at the touch of a glossy attractive-looking business card than otherwise.

Still, anyone looking for cheap business card printing Houston cards can also add personal style, in the form of color, text, and image, and logo to a standard card, making it stand out. But, of course, the finishing to the final product wouldn’t look cheap at all.

The Major Design Qualities Distinguishing Premium from Budget Business Cards

A business card is not just that. There are critical features that differentiate a premium card from a budget business card. Let’s analyze some of the aspects.

Business card material and size; Cheap Business Card Printing Houston

These two design aspects are vital determinants that separate premium and business cards. Let’s begin with the material element. The impression you want to give will mainly enable your cheap business card printing Houston designer to decide if it’s a plain paper that goes or the costly plastic, wood, or even metal.

A less expensive standard business card comprises cheaper material, plain traditional paper, and a tactile feel. But still, a professional printer can alter the card with a dramatic soft finish. Most of the budget cards are also thinner and could either be horizontal or vertical in dimensions.

On the contrary, premium business cards feature heavier material. Some of them use expensive paper, others sturdy and flexible plastic. Known as the indestructible business card, it is waterproof and can withstand ordinary wear and tear.

Unlike the 14pt standard size of the budget business card, these measure from 18pts and above. They are thicker and hence stiffer. Of course, some of the premium business cards will come in either vertical or horizontal. But the marked difference is that it has a professionally polished look. They fit in any pocket, wallet, and cardholder.

Finish ; Cheap Business Card Printing Houston

Premium and budget business cards also differ in terms of finishing. Any business card depends on its final touches, which can make it more appealing. Some of the standard finishes consist of dull, matte, and glossy.

Typical budget business cards at most cheap business card printing Houston printers are uncoated. It means they do not have those reflective properties, and they appear so much similar to any printed paper. 

Indeed, they have more texture if you compare to premium’s glossy finish. But the budget business cards lack that protective coating, making them susceptible to damage. The colors on the budget business card also come out, albeit subdued on an uncoated finish, and the aesthetic feature appears natural for the budgets.

Let’s check premium cards’ finishing qualities. Premium business cards made of paper will often have a coated finish. This surface sealant adds shine and ink absorbency qualities to the card. But the printed form is also much sharper and cleaner, primarily if you use sealants such as Satin, dull, matte, or glossy. 

Most satin finishes offer that shiny quality, while the dull/ matte finish provides smoothness and elegance. If you go glossy, you protect your business card against all moisture forms. The polished finishing is also much loved because of the vibrancy and contrasts it provides for your card’s colorful graphics.


Most cheap business card printing Houston brands also differentiate premium and budget business cards with shapes. Your standard business card will often take a rectangular shape which is a key recommendation. Of course, you might still opt for a more experimental, avant-garde shape, which is not a bad thing either. The only issue is that you might face challenges fitting it in either your wallet, purse, or cardholder.

Meanwhile, premium business cards do not have to conform to a standard shape at all. Premium business cards are often tailored based on client taste and style. In that case, they can assume any form, including square, round, or rectangular. Most brands would ask for unique conditions to suit their preference. Some of these cards have distinct edges or corners to reflect a brand. This customization feature for premium business cards is what makes them unique, classy, and more attractive than the budget ones.


There is also a distinct variation between premium and budget business cards regarding the color scheme. A visit to any cheap business card printing Houston printer confirms a

common trend where more affordable cards consist of either white or cream-colored on one side of the business card. The other side will often have the business’ theme color. But the premium business card does not know this color recommendation. Instead, you can design your card with your beloved color on both sides of the


Functionality; Cheap Business Card Printing Houston

Budget business cards are primarily for display. So, for example, you can strategically place it at your desk. Still, you can hand them over at events as a convenient marketing tool. Generally, they are pretty lightweight, and most businesses looking for cheap business card printing Houston designers will pick them for that reason. But do not expect them to leave a lasting impression because of their quick wear and tear.

As already mentioned, premium cards often come in the thickest of sizes. Some of them consist of a 30 or even more point thickness; they are also quite stiff. This type of rigidity withstands any wear and tear. But they can also smoothly slide into your cardholder or purse without bending. With an even smooth finish, they look and feel nice, but they also last longer.

What are Your Options for Getting the Right Business Card?

Cost implications are by far the most critical factor in picking a business card. And since you are on the prowl for a cheap business card printing Houston outlet, it is also essential to understand which options are available. Here are some of the choices you have at your disposal.

DIY Graphic design

DIY design is perhaps one of the lowest options you can use to create a fantastic business card. Some of the tools I often recommend include illustrators. However, do not ignore those online templates that are key to designing a basic yet unique business card with some personalization onto it. Once you complete it, you can take it to the printer, which doesn’t cost you much. You might spend $50 at most to utilize the templates and a few amounts to print.

Freelance graphic designers

Using a freelance designer could be another option to bring your business card vision to life. There are plenty of freelance designers, but finding one who matches your specification can be tricky.

The first thing I suggest is that you do thorough market research for the most experienced lot. Then contact a screen test for the few that you would have identified. The advantage with a freelancer is that they would go with the precise style and taste you envision. In addition, the flexibility that accompanies such an assignment means that you can get your work done in the right time frame.

Graphic design agencies

Depending on your budget, you can also land a cheap business card printing Houston graphic design agency for your business card type. The best decision you can ever make is working with an agency, especially if you want a professionally branded package with all the features of a complete business card.

For example, the agency will take care of its creative part, generate a concept, design, and print your business card. You do not have to worry about the color, shape, or material. All you will have to cater to is the budget for the type of card you need.

The lower the budget might, of course, mean a budget-style business card. And if you pull out all the stops, you can expect the most luxurious, glossy, and customized premium business card to reflect your brand.

The Basic Business Card Design Steps; Cheap Business Card Printing Houston

Even though you are looking for a cheap business card printing Houston designer, it would be best to understand what business card design entails. The fundamental steps help you to choose and perhaps personalize any business card to reflect your brand. Such aspects as the logo, visual branding, and color schemes can be from where you begin. So let’s expound on them.

Brand logo

A brand logo is one of the most striking features attracting people to your brand. How you design it on your business card determines if people come in their multitudes or look at your brand with disinterest. Hence, ensure the logo is outstanding and identifies your brand at the very first glance. Let it also communicate to your audience about your brand, and finally, make it as attractive as possible. 

Logo design is often a technical and intricate part of the business card design process. If you do not have graphic design skills, I suggest you enlist professional services for the same. Again, if I were you, I would check with those cheap business card printing Houston designers for help. A well-designed logo is generally a worthy investment that goes a long way in enticing

clients and strengthening your brand.

Brand color scheme

A color scheme is that aspect of a business card that appeals to your client’s emotions. It is a subtle yet significant feature that could evoke and influence most people’s buying decisions. So, you must carefully navigate your color schemes to match your brand but also attract prospective customers. For example, you must know how to mix color theory and business such that it impacts sales.

Brand’s primary message 

Even before you design that business card, you already have a crucial message to pass on to your audience. The statement briefly states who you are and what your business does.

You should finally emboss the same message on the card, but with a sweet twist, short but compelling words. The good news is that Houston designers working with cheap business card printing can bring out this part of the message as they have been for years and instantly communicate to your audience.

Additional Design Aspects That Determine Your Business Card Cost

A typical cheap business card printing Houston printer can charge you between $ 20-50 for a batch of 50 business cards. But these are just about the basic standard ones. A premium business card might be another story altogether, and you must set aside some reasonable amounts. A few details, as already mentioned, can make the overall design cost skyrocket. Here is some additional information that changes the matrix. 


Graphics display the most visual element of your brand. So besides the logo, you might decide to include a separate image. You might also want to spot other secondary graphics. These, plus the colors, can significantly affect your business card’s pricing. And if you like your logo appearing more than once, then, of course, it has a cost implication, too.


Elements to do with fonts feature so heavily in any professionally done business card. If you are working with a cheap business card printing Houston designer, they will help you select those fonts representing your style and brand. A designer can either use custom fonts or artistically hand-drawn letters to produce unique business cards. But in this case, you can expect to fork out more for customized typography and other special effects that make your card exclusive.

Other Unique Details for Your Business Card; Cheap Business Card Printing Houston

If you ever want your business to stand out and speak specifically to you and your brand, then money has to do the talking. At this point, an advanced design consisting of special finishes can do the magic. Details that can create a lasting impression include embossing, foil stamping, letter pressing, and Spot UV coating. 

Embossing involves the creation of pop-ups on the card. You can use this element for your logo, name, or product to stand out. On the other hand, Foil stamping provides your card with a nice shiny, reflective effect, say on your text or image.

A letter pressing provides that engraving effect for your business card. That is because a typical letterpress printing will instantaneously and at once ink and push the print paper down to create that particular result. 

And finally, spot UV coating is responsible for that glossy appearance you have seen on some of the most attractive business cards. But as the name aptly implies, this even glossy finish goes to just a specific place on the card. It can be either on the logo or the photo.


It doesn’t matter that you are just starting on a tight budget or an established entity looking to amp your business card game. What matters at this juncture is paying attention to those details that create an intelligent design. Even with a limited budget, you can be creative with size, color schemes, and graphics to produce something that draws positive attention. You do not also have to go it alone. Instead, use online tools if you go the DIY way. Alternatively, do extensive research to find a cheap yet professional designer in Houston to help out with the intricate details of your business card.

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