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Presentation folders for Small Businesses

Presentation folders do two things for your business. They make your brand stand out from other prin

Make your business shine!

ted materials, and they organize your materials so that your prospects can readily take in all the essential information necessary to make a qualified decision about your offer. Catdi Printing clients in real estate, education have long used them with great success to provide pertinent information about their institutions. We have also helped hundreds of organizations over the years prepare for seminars by printing customized, colorful presentation folders that made them stand out from their competitors. Many of our clients also have sales departments who routinely order presentation folders from us in order to help them negotiate and close important deals.

Presentation folders also known as pocket folders are key to making a good, first impression on any prospective customer. They also remind existing customers of all that you have to offer and help increase repeat business. The very fact that you take the time to organize your materials speaks volumes to your commitment to process and excellence. Professionally designed folders tell the world that you care about every aspect of production and will take care of your customers with equal care and attention.

There are a few essentials that we recommend all clients invest in when designing their folders in order to ensure the best possible impression on their prospects..

Business Card Slots

The business card is the foundational piece for all business transactions. Often, it gets misplaced or even thrown away. In order to make certain your contact information is never lost,. Catdi Printing recommends ordering presentation folders with business card slits. These slits will hold your card so that your prospect is sure to see your name and contact information one more time. That may be all it takes to get the ball rolling and eventually close that deal.

Brochures and booklets.

Brochures and Booklets

We recommend storing brochures and booklets in presentation folders. Both brochures and booklets tend to be small enough that they can easily be misplaced or lost. Keeping these materials consolidated and organized within a standard size folder gives them a better chance of staying together.

Charts and Graphs

If you are using a presentation folder for sales, we recommend that you include charts and graphs. These visuals lend credibility to your sales pitch, and they make it easy for prospects to remember quantities and percentages related to your industry. Posters are a great way to be remembered and help contribute to repeat business.

Pen and Notepad

People still take notes to help themselves remember. Cell phones have not replaced the notepad. Many of our clients will include a pen and notepad in their presentation folders so they can encourage recipients to take notes on the spot. Pens and notepad with your company logo are also like coffee mugs—they have a functional purpose. Prospects will continue to use these pens and notepads long after you leave their building. This will keep your brand before their eyes and your proposition on their mind.

CD Holders

If you are marketing your company with a CD, we can design CD holders into your presentation folders. We can print the CD sleeve for you so that the message stands out and does not get lost.

Presentation folders look more professional and stand out more when they are coated. Different types of coatings create different visual effects that differentiate your materials from the surrounding desk clutter.

  • Aqueous coating – uses a water based sealant to prevent colors and text from smudging or smearing
  • Gloss coating – creates a smooth, shiny surface
  • Matte coating – reduces reflectiveness and cuts down on glare. Soft touch matte coatings make your presentation folder look like suede
  • Laminate coating – uses layers of plastic to encase the paper and ink so that it does not get damaged by moisture or spilled liquid. Laminating can be high gloss or matte, depending on the impact you are looking to make.

Catdi Printing designs presentation folders with richly colored designs on both the outside and inside of the folder. We can also customize the folder with any number of pockets and sleeves so that your materials are easily seen, retrieved, and stored in an organized manner. Call today, and talk to Catdi Printing designer about your next seminar, trade show, or sales presentation.

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