6 Terrific Tips on Marketing Your Business with Direct Mail

Marketing your business can be easier when you take advantage of direct mail, and there are some tips that can help you do this without a lot of time or expense.  When you take advantage of variable printing. You can personalize your message for each recipient for a slight increase in cost. However, the effect can be enormous.

Rating the value that each potential customer represents can help you determine where to concentrate your resources so that you get the biggest impact and an increase in revenue. If you want your materials to stand out and the recipient to pay attention then you need to think of some way to make your item different and unique from what others are doing.

Before you go out and purchase a mailing list, confirm the quality of the recipients, so you get what you are paying for. The text that you include should be placed in small blocks so that they are easy to read. One of the most important tips is to choose a printer very carefully, and only after doing your homework on the company.

Marketing Your Business More Effectively With Variable Printing

If the goal is marketing your business then you want to reach each recipient on a personal level, so that they respond better. Variable printing can help you do this for a very reasonable cost, allowing you to change names, colors, and other components according to who the actual recipient of the item is. Why not make a much better first impression and personalize your mail?

Give Each Targeted Recipient a Value Number or Level

When you are marketing your business, the objective is to increase your revenue and attract new customers. If you give each lead and recipient a number value that represents their potential as a customer. This helps you to prioritize the customers. One customer who orders $1,000 each month is far more valuable than someone who may only spend this amount once a year.

Make Your Direct Mail Materials Different and Unique

When you design your direct mail to help with marketing your business try to be creative and come up with materials that are different and unique. Think outside of the box. For example, find ways to stand out among the many mailers that will be received by the addressee. Add an item in if possible, use an original shape or style, or do something else that sets you apart.

Verify the Mailing List Quality before Buying

When you are marketing your business, you want a mailing list that has recipient information that is relevant to your company and products. Verify the quality of any mailing list before you pay money for it. Otherwise you could end up getting little value for the price. The National Deliverability Index can help you determine how effective a list is.

Accurate address information will help increase response rates, lower shipping costs, and increase the effectiveness of direct marketing initiatives.

Source: Melissa Data

Keep Blocks of Text Small for Easier Reading

Marketing your business using direct mail means that your recipient has to find your materials easy to read and understand. Large blocks of text tend to turn the reader off. Therefore, break it down into smaller blocks with fewer lines in each paragraph. You should also avoid being excessively wordy and adding too much text, save some room for images as well.

Choose the Printer Carefully to Prevent any Unexpected Problems

The printer used when marketing your business and ordering direct mail is one of the most important considerations. Look for a business with a lot of experience in the materials and item types that you are looking for. It is normally better to avoid new companies because they may make a number of common beginner errors that you want to avoid.

What methods and materials do you use for marketing your business?

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