Save the Date Printing & Design Services

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Catdi makes it easier and more cost affordable than ever before for couples to get their Save the Date Ideas onto paper. Dozens of templates can be found on Catdi’s website that couples can choose to have customized at no additional costs. Couple can also opt to have one of our designers create a completely unique and personal wedding invitation just for them. Couples offer one-on-one consultations that help brides decide on the very best theme possible for their invitations. Designers can meet with clients in person, over the phone, or through live video conference—whatever works best for your schedule.

As a leader in commercial printing services, Catdi offers Houston area couples a far more affordable option to other wedding invitation print services. Our costs are approximately 50% less than those of PhDesign and Bearings. Couples on a budget can choose a pre-existing template at no additional costs. Personal design services, including individual designs developed completely from scratch, are affordably priced as well and include free shipping to the bride’s address and full color options bundled into the lower cost.

Couples who are in a hurry to plan a hundred things at once before that special day roles around can alleviate at least some of their worries by letting Catdi handle their wedding invitations and reminder magnets. Orders can be placed over the phone by calling 713.882.4629 or by emailing [email protected]. Most orders can be expedited in only 2-4 business days.

When it comes to Save the Date Ideas, leave the design to professionals and let Catdi be your one stop shop for wedding invitations, magnets, baby announcements, and much, much more.

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