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Three Standout Advantages of Print Marketing

Advantages of Print Marketing- Catdi printing in Houston TX

In a world where digital advertising takes increasing precedence, people may wonder about the usefulness of traditional print media marketing. Can’t you reach far more people via their phone screens? 

Sure, digital marketing comes with a near-limitless reach, but every door direct mail contact will always be part of a company’s advertising arsenal. Let’s look at the top three ways print marketing helps with business growth.

1. It reaches a local demographic

Yes, you can target people using social media based on location—but it often leads to imprecise results. For example, if you’re opening a new store or restaurant up the street, you want to meet your neighbors! Why not drop off the equivalent of a greeting card right on their doorsteps? Slip in some coupons, and you’re set. (Restaurants have the advantage of including a takeout menu.)

2. It’s often more engaging

Digital ads unlike print marketing disappear in the blink of an eye. The moment a web user clicks that “x” or navigates to a new page, any digital advertising is gone before they’ve taken in the information, let alone internalized it. On the other hand, a print mailer is tactile, tangible, stays in their hands longer, and, with well-designed layouts and imagery, encourages viewers to keep their eyes on it for a longer duration. 

3. It offers a high ROI

While e-blasts meet with almost immediate deletions, print campaigns and mailers produce a measurable degree of response. If the recipient is remotely interested and decides to hold on to a flyer or postcard, they now have something on hand for reference. They can come back to it and eventually act on it. With online ads, once a prospect logs off their browser—that content is out of sight, out of mind.