Why Business Cards are Still Relevant in 2020

It’s been a year of tumultuous change. Amidst this strange new climate, many businesses are unsure which trends to follow, and which are out. Instead of networking events and board room meetings, there are Zoom calls and video conferences. We’re living in a strange new world and it’s not clear what will happen when the dust settles. In a post-COVID world, are business cards still relevant? Despite it all, they are an effective marketing tool, and here’s why:

A business card sets you apart from the competition. When you make a connection with a company, you can add them on LinkedIn, but you’ll be buried among all their other friends. A business card is a physical representation of your interaction, and it’s not overlooked as easily. Online profiles may be more informative and efficient, but they’re also more generic. A card that represents your company with its design and logo leaves an impression that can’t be matched by something on a screen.

It makes you appear professional. Your company will look more legitimate when you have a stylish, sleek card to represent your services. Imagine you’re having a conversation with a person you want to impress when you take out your wallet and offer them a business card. If you don’t have a card, and someone asks for your contact information, you’ll have to scribble it down on the nearest sheet of paper – it doesn’t exactly form a credible opinion of your operations in their minds. But with a set of stylish business cards? Now that’s how you market yourself effectively! 

You can post them on social media. During times of physical distancing, it might be tough to exchange your business card with others. Don’t worry – use this as an opportunity to post it on your social accounts. If your followers are impressed at how suave it looks, they might share it with their friends; essentially, it’s like passing around your card virtually. 

It’s an industry standard. Businesses that have been around for a long time expect a card when they meet you. When someone gives you their card, it’s customary that you do the same in return. Even though technology is advancing further and further, there’s no need to stop a tried-and-true method of marketing. It’s a direct way to send your message to your targeted audience: the person you just met.

Physical marketing material won’t get lost in an inbox. If you send an email to a business person, it can get overshadowed by all their incoming messages. A business card that they keep in their wallet or pocket lasts longer. Other print materials that increase your sales are great for business, such as direct mail, catalogs, and posters. 

Show off your style! What makes your company unique? How do you stand apart from your competition? By designing a business card that highlights your strengths, that’s how. It also creates a more intimate connection with those you’re reaching out to. What could be less personal than a text or email, when your recipient receives dozens of those each day? Giving them a business card is a more unique interaction.

It will increase your sales. What happens if that client you met last week needs to call you, but they can’t remember your number? They might try to search for you online but come across the website of your competitor instead. This won’t be an issue if they have your business card handy in their pocket. Every 2000 cards that you distribute will increase your sales by 2.5%. Business cards might be the edge that you need to boost your profit margins.

Cards are still the quickest way to exchange information. We all know that the Internet moves at a lightning-fast speed – but even if you’re sharing your LinkedIn account with someone, you’ll still need to grab a paper and pen for them, or wait for them to write it down in their phone. Why not expedite the process and supply them with a business card instead? It will contain all the relevant contact information they need, and it only takes the time of you handing it to them.

For creative businesses, it demonstrates your skills. Business cards still matter in today’s digital environment.. Think unconventional shapes, etched designs, and surprising textures. If you offer design services, a well-crafted card represents your creative abilities. Make your business card a modern work of art to show off the knowledge and experience you have in your field. 

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be “out with the old, in with the new”. Business cards are still a very effective way to share information and network with others. They provide a tangible memento of your interaction. Even if physical distancing measures prevent businesses from meeting in-person, it won’t last forever, and one day our world will return to normal. A business card will always be a professional way for companies to share their contact information in a long-lasting, physical, and concise format.

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