Top 5 Benefits of PVC Signs for Your Business

PVC signs

More than half of the US citizens surveyed in a study by the Sign Research Foundation said they failed to find a business due to the lack of a sign—or at least one they could spot quickly and easily while driving.

Without stand-out signage, your retail or on-premises service company could miss out on valuable foot or drive-by traffic. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what your sign is made of, but few materials beat PVC signs. These durable signs can be printed in vibrant colors with minimal glare.

Read on to learn more about why PVC signage is right for your company.

1. Lightweight

PVC signs are typically made from PVC foam board, which weighs little more than a piece of corrugated cardboard. This means it’s easy (and cheap) to transport and mount on a wall or window.

While these signs are great for any business use, they’re particularly helpful as temporary signage—for example, decorating tradeshow booths or market stalls.

2. Durable

PVC business signs are crafted from a rigid plastic that:

  • Is weather (and water) resistant
  • Doesn’t dent or scratch
  • Doesn’t fade from exposure to artificial light
  • Hides fingerprints
  • Tatter-proof

These signs look professional despite being one of the lower-cost signage options; they retain high-res imagery and vibrant colors no matter the conditions.

3. Mountable Anywhere

The finish is one of the many benefits of PVC signs. This signage is smooth, bright white, and low-glare or matte. This makes these signs ideal for use indoors and out because there is no risk of glare from artificial lights or sunlight obscuring the printed information.

Also, since PVC can be formed into a wide range of thicknesses and shapes, you can create signs to fit almost any facade or wall. Even the tightest, most obscure, or weirdly-shaped spaces can boast a PVC sign!

4. Cost-Effective

This lightweight material is readily available, easy to transport (as mentioned above), and simple to print onto. This means there’s a PVC signboard design available for almost every budget.

Simply explain to your printing provider what you want—size, colors, custom shapes, logos, and more. They can offer you various design options within a specific price range.

5. Customizable

All these attributes combine to make PVC signs one of the most customizable signage materials available today.

Get your sign cut into intricate shapes or make it into a sandwich board. Include your logo and brand colors. You can even print photographs onto PVC.

They’re also easy to hang. All you need is a small handful of adhesible tabs.

Use PVC signs for:

  • Office or business signs
  • Menu boards
  • Promotional and sales signage
  • Way-finding in factories or other large complexes
  • Yard signs
  • Tradeshow signage
  • Factory signage
  • Point-of-purchase displays

Consider PVC Signs for Your Business

From way-finding signs to open-close signs and everything in between, custom PVC signs have your business promotion covered. PVC signage is highly durable, low-sheen, suited to indoor and outdoor use, and can be printed in a wide variety of colors. Better yet, a PVC sign won’t cost you the Earth—making it an affordable option for most, if not all, businesses.

If you want to add PVC signs to your marketing strategy, contact the team at Catdi. We’re a complete 24/7 online print fulfillment provider offering high exposure at cost-effective prices.

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