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Top 5 EDDM Design Tips for Small Business Owners


Top 5 EDDM Design Tips by Carlos deSantos (owner of Catdi Printing)

Using Every Door Direct Mail service helps to attract more customers to your business. As an affordable form of marketing, Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM allows a business to experience a higher ROI and enables customers to take action.

The good news is that there are hundreds of postcard designs. Selecting the appropriate design for your business can be a bit tricky. Lucky for you, we have compiled tips to help you select the right template. Even when you want to design your own EDDM template, the Catdi Printing Does EDDM, right!tips below will help you formulate ideas assuring you of success.

Tip #1 – Outline the purpose of your postcard

The first step to take is to craft the purpose of your postcard. This can be achieved by answering the following question – What would you like your postcard to achieve?

Tip #2 – Incorporate your business logo

Yes, you need to incorporate your business logo on your postcard. As a result, it will give your postcard credibility. Don’t forget to add images and the theme colors of your business. To ensure your images are of high quality, opt for high resolution images.

Tip #3 – Choose an appealing design

If you are targeting a specific group of customers, design the EDDM postcard with an appealing design. This will attract the customers to your advertisement.

Tip #4 – Simplify the design

To come up with a design that conveys your message, keep it simple. Avoid adding too much information on the postcard as this makes it difficult for the customer to understand the message being conveyed.

Tip #5 –Print postcards in color

Color brings the message to life. Use contrasting colors to enhance the look of your postcard. There are free EDDM postcards readily available online which you can redesign and print out before sending to your customers.

These are just a few of the design tips we recommend that you look at when you start your EDDM Postcard design. However our seasoned graphic designers are perfect resource to design your EDDM postcard