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Catdi acknowledges the impact of trade shows in marketing products or services: offers full color banner stand printing services to businesses. Catdi is a company that understands the power of marketing and images in marketing a product. Words and pictures do indeed play a great role in convincing clients and consumers of a product’s worth. After all, we should know we are leading brand in the print services industry, a field that requires incredible insight in meeting the visual demands of the market. Thats why we are proud to announce that we have started offering both indoor and outdoor banner printing

In the business world, it’s never wrong to demand too much attention. It greatly helps if a company is loud and boisterous in a good way, as this promptly spells an increase in client population and consequently, an increase in revenue. If one is looking to introduce or to popularize a company in a trade show, banners are the best marketing tool.

Our Banners Make Your Business Pop!

Printing Companies that love to participate in trade shows must take advantage of this offer from Catdi, as it is the perfect package to avail, especially when creating POP materials. Clients become more intrigued in the product or service if their visual senses are stimulated by banners that stand out and seduce consumers. In recent times, the banner stand has even acquired a new use, as it became a popular form of POP advertising.

Catdi Incorporated offers the following packages in banner stand printing services:

  • Option 1. Our Economy “X-Style” Collapsible Banner Stands are versatile and easy to setup. They are available with either our 13 oz scrim vinyl outdoor or 10 mil premium vinyl indoor banners and arrive in a slim nylon bag. The standard sizes are 24″ x 60,” and 33″ X 80.”
    • Option 2. Indoor Banner with “X-Style” collapsible stand. The same material as the Indoor Banner, these near photo quality banners are ideal for POP displays and trade shows. They set up in a few seconds and measure 24″ x 60″ with grommets at the corners.
      • Option 3. Our Aluminum Retractable Banner Stands are available with 10 mil indoor premium vinyl banners and are just as versatile as our “X-style” banner stands. The retractable stands are conveniently packed in a small bag and set up in a few easy steps. The standard sizes are 24″ x 60,” and 33″ X 80.”

It’s time to demand attention from the market by taking advantage of the options emphasized here. Companies must say it loud and say it proud, and saying it with a banner stand is the perfect move!

About Catdi Printing

Catdi, Incorporated is a leading print provider for businesses in premier Texas locations including Houston, Austin, Dallas, Katy and The Woodlands. An innovator in the industries of commercial print and direct mail services, the company has long been known for combining keen business sense with strong sense of community solidarity. Servicing Texas businesses since 2005, the company boasts of a diverse international team, and of revolutionary global coverage.

Catdi, Incorporated is located at 1724 Richmond, Houston, Texas. To be better connected, customers may browse the company website,; follow news and developments at Twitter with, and at Facebook with, as well as establish professional connection at LinkedIn with

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