Are Door Hangers Effective Advertising

Are Door Hangers Effective Advertising

It might become quite expensive when it comes to advertising your new or existing business to locals in your area. But there are ways to introduce your products to the target audience through creative and innovative ideas without it breaking your budget.

This is where this door hanger advertising idea will come in handy as it is an example of good marketing material to reach the target audience. The potential of these little ads is limitless but is it an effective enough way to advertise your business.

Find out whether this advertising method will be adequate to reach those potential customers you want to draw to your business.

What Is a Door Hanger Ad?

A door hanger marketing ad is a cardboard or plastic sign designed to easily hang on a door handle or knob. This card comes in many different sizes and shapes but is mainly made in a rectangular shape to hang down and display nicely.

These cards are printed with various information about specific products or services provided by businesses in the area. This card hanging on the door is a welcoming message to anyone who enters the house or residence through that door.

How Effective Is Door Hanger Advertising?

Everyone living in an apartment or even a house in any neighborhood must use that front door. Even if they just need to check the mailbox or put out the garbage bag they need to use that door.

A hunger advertisement on the door handle will draw their attention and pique their interest to see what it is about. This is much like online marketing. It is personal while not only targeting one type of audience, and everyone will see it.

With a hanger marketing campaign, you can reach everyone, even the stay-at-home buyers and the study-at-home students. Another great thing about this is that you can do many different types of advertising on this single type of media.

A hanger campaign can be more effective than standard junk mail you get in the mailbox, which people may throw out without reading. This type of marketing will also make potential customers more curious to take a closer look at the ad.

Which Businesses Can Use Door Hanger Marketing?

Many businesses can benefit from hanger marketing, and we will list a few of them here. This type of advertising is great for services that happen on an ongoing basis, such as lawn mowing and pool cleaning.

Any type of home care service will be able to gain customers through this marketing method. Also, any type of business that operates in an area can advertise their services or products on these door hanger ads.

What Formats Can Be Used?

You can use any shape or design you desire when advertising your business or service in this way. A suitable method is to add a small business card at the bottom with perforation marks to remove it quickly.

This way, customers can have added value with a business card to use later when they need your services. Another great thing is that the door hanger ad can be any shape and size to make them more intriguing.

Real estate and Corporate door hanger design template vectors

What Are the Benefits Of Door Hanger Ads?

There are several benefits to effective door hanger marketing that both large organizations and small businesses can use.

  • Because they are hand-delivered, it feels a bit more personal and the target audience will feel you care about them.
  • They are a much more affordable and cost-effective way of advertising and cost much cheaper if you buy them in bulk.
  • Reaching a local audience such as local residents and homeowners, and even students is a very effective method.
  • Because everyone will see them when they enter by the door, potential customers will ignore a very low percentage of this type of ad.
  • With this type of advertising, there is a good chance that you will reach more than just the occupants of a home. Visitors like family and friends may also see the ads, increasing your exposure potential.
  • There is no size limit as is in the case with direct mail marketing, where the size of the envelope determines the ad size.

Legal Issues

It is not illegal to hang a door hanger ad on someone’s door. Instead, it is known as canvassing, which is legal. This means you do not have a direct conversation with the potential customer and are not directly selling a product.

However, before you do this in your area, it is good to research because some areas may have bylaws that prohibit it.

Some Helpful Hints

There are certain things you need to keep in mind before you go out and advertise your business with door hanger ads.

  1. First of all, you should find your target audience and determine in which area they live, for instance, high-end house cleaning services. You can not advertise this type of service in an area where most students live who can not afford it.
  2. Start with a small group by focusing on a small radius of residences in your area so you can do it yourself. This will also help you see the return on your ads and you can always broaden the audience later.
  3. Make sure your ad is easy to understand and concise, and the copy is short and to the point.
  4. You should make use of professional designers to design your ad so it will look and display well.
  5. Keep the ad clean and relevant to what marketing message you want to bring to the audience.
  6. Focus on just one item, product, or service at a time with a clear call to action.
  7. Age, gender, and income level are some of the most important topics to research when you are looking for your target buyers.


Not every new business has a large advertising budget, but this type of marketing may save you a lot of money. It may also bring many new customers to your business, but you will only know if you try it.

So, go ahead and do your research to find your target audience and get that ad on the doors.

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