Best Marketing Options for a Newly-Launched Business

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Many new and seasoned business owners rely on a range of marketing techniques to help their businesses grow. Social media marketing, email marketing, and Google Ads are among some of the most popular. However, marketing options for newly-launched businesses can sometimes differ from those with already established client bases. If you’re opening your doors for the first time, you might like to start with some of the following marketing approaches. 

A Website

Customers can be curious about seeing new shop signage in their local community. Wanting to know more about it before visiting, they’ll likely look for information online. Make sure they’ll find what they’re looking for by working with a web design agency to create a website. 

A well-designed website with information about who you are and what you do can be important for setting yourself up for success. Once your website has been professionally designed, you can work on search engine optimization (SEO) to help with its online ranking. 

Social Media Pages

Building up a loyal customer following can take time. However, you might be able to speed up the process by creating social media pages. Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok can be excellent places to begin. On these platforms, you can upload the same branding you used on your website to ensure consistency. You might then start posting to help prospective future customers learn more about you. 

While social media is free, don’t be afraid to spend some of your marketing budget on these platforms. Creating social media ads can put you in front of customers who might otherwise not discover your business pages. 

Promotional Products

Whether you’re doing a soft or grand opening, you’ve likely thought about the best ways to attract new customers to your business. Promotional products might be an excellent marketing option worth considering. 

If customers know they’ll receive free branded goods with their purchase or something for free simply for visiting on opening day, they might be more inclined to pay a visit. Printed pens, keychains, and even confectionery can all be cost-effective goods that will be well-received by possible future customers. 

Business Cards

Networking is a huge part of business success. When you interact with your business community, you can form rewarding connections that can serve you well in the future. While many business owners might remember your name and the business you own, having business cards can’t hurt. You can also use business cards to hand out to potential suppliers or customers who want your contact information. 

Business cards are an inexpensive marketing product you can use for the life of your business. Once you’ve paid for the initial design and printing, you only need to set aside money for printing in the future. 


Starting a new business from the ground up can be challenging, especially when no one has ever heard of you before. Make yourself known in your community by designing, printing, and delivering flyers. Despite digital marketing being more prevalent, direct mail is still an effective marketing strategy. 

Marketing is integral to a successful business launch. If you’re about to put out your ‘open’ sign for the first time, consider utilizing some of these effective marketing techniques above. 

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