5 Tips to Make Your Gator Board Signs Stand Out

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Signage is part of everyday life. When you drive down the street, you see many road signs indicating the speed to use or giving directions. The fact is you can’t escape it. In the workplace, there are many health and safety signs to guide employees and visitors. When shopping for groceries, the store is littered with signage detailing opening and closing hours, discounts and great deals. In the mall, you are confronted with signage giving directions on which store to find where. The list of signs in everyday life is endless.

Signage serves many purposes, including marketing a business or product, enticing customers to visit a store, offering directions, promoting health and safety, and enhancing the appearance of a space. Nowadays, many types and forms of signage have come up to meet businesses’ and consumers’ signage needs. Among the prominent ones are gator board signs that offer businesses the ideal way to market themselves and accomplish other purposes.



What are gator board signs?

Gator boards are display boards made from rigid foam core that combines lightweight with durability to meet your signage needs. Gator board signs come in different sizes and shapes to give you what you are looking for. You can use gator board signs for your display purposes ranging from product displays to professional logos. Also, gator board signs are ideal for wall displays because they can be mounted, directional signage, and used for decorative purposes.

Although gator board signs have a similar appearance with other propped signage, they have various traits that make them unique and different from other signage. Here are some of them.

  • They have greater sturdiness.
  • The quality of gator board signs is unsurpassed and noticeable when handling and hanging.
  • Durable to last up to 2 years when handled and stored well.
  • Resistant to bending, breaking, and scratching.
  • They are versatile and can be used for formal and casual spaces.
  • Whether you have a frame or not, gator board signs still look fantastic.
  • Affordable compared to high-resolution signage.

Design tips to make your gator board signs stand out:

When designing a gator board sign for your business, it is essential to choose your design elements carefully so that it stands out and accomplishes its purpose. Whether a sign is exhibiting your products or services, promoting an offer or discount, or showcasing your business name, the aesthetics and content of the sign are important.

When your sign is aesthetically attractive and conveys the right message, you are assured of its effectiveness. Also, in an era where there are signs everywhere, your sign needs to stand out from the rest. Below are five ways to make your gator board signs stand out in the crowd.

1. Color is king

The color you choose for a gator board sign is crucial. Hence, you should select a color that draws people’s attention to the design. If the sign is exhibiting an offer, the color should attract the attention of customers to it. In many cases, consumers associate your brand with the colors you often use in your signs. Here are some common colors and how to use them.

  • Red: what do you feel after seeing the color red? It definitely escalates your breath and blood pressure. You can use the color red for your gator board sign to convey aspects such as speed if, for example, you sell cars. Who doesn’t like speedy cars?
  • Purple: this is the color of royalty. You can use the royal color on your signage if you sell luxurious products such as suits and real estate.
  • Blue: this color brings a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. If your business deals with products or services related to relaxation and wellness, this is the color to use for your gator board signage. For example, if you run a spa or sell mattress, purple is an excellent color for your signage.

2. Deliver a compelling message

The content that your gator board sign displays is very important. Ask yourself what the main message you want to convey is and then make it compelling. Maybe you want to highlight your business name, a special offer, or launch a new menu. Ensure that the content is catchy, relevant, and memorable.


Avoid too much writing on a sign because it makes it cluttered and clumsy. A short message is better because no one wants to spend much time reading your sign. It should be clear and straightforward.

3. Use images

People are visual beings and respond better to images than text. You can use an image on your gator board sign to convey your message. The image should be clear and visible. Also, it should be connected to your business so that when a customer sees it, they see your business. A logo is a prime example of an image you can use on your sign. It has a connection with your business and promotes brand consciousness.

4. Good print quality

The last thing you want is for your images and text to appear blurry on your gator board sign. Invest in good print quality to ensure that images and text appear in the best way possible. Good print quality makes a sign aesthetic and eye-catching. Also, it complements the quality of gator board. If you want people to look at your sign twice when they walk by, you know the secret.

5. Thoughtful gator board placement

You may have the best sign in your entire neighborhood, but if you don’t choose the right placement, no one will see it. The placement of the gator board sign will influence its effectiveness. Ensure you choose an ideal place to position your sign so that more people see it.


Also, consider elements such as size, shape, height, the direction of the sun, and the effect of weather on signage. If your sign is located in a crowded retail place, what will make it stand out?

Whether you want signage for indoor or outdoor use and business or personal purposes, gator board signs come in handy. Gator board signs are renowned for their lightweight, cost-effectiveness, high-quality prints, and sleek, vibrant look. Poor signage can make your business virtually invisible and damage your credibility, while a well-designed sign can earn you a competitive advantage and make you stand out from the rest. The next time you are creating a gator board sign, use these five tips. The results will amaze you.  Contact us for marketing and branding ideas for your business.

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