Creative Business Card Design Ideas: What to Include

creative business card design

Despite living in the digital age, there are 27 million business cards printed every day. These businesses probably know that for every 2000 cards they give out, their sales could increase by 2.5%.

Business cards provide companies with an affordable way to highlight their brand. This means that the card’s quality must reflect how you want to portray your business. At least 72% of people who receive your card will gauge your company based on its quality.

Create a card that stands out. One way to do this is by using a creative business card design. Read on to find out what this is and what it entails.

The History of Business Cards

The earliest evidence of the use of business cards was in the 17th century. Europeans used them to announce imminent arrivals. These were usually wealthy aristocrats or prominent members of society.  

They were about the size of a playing card and became part of elite society by the middle of the century.

In the 19th century, experimentation led to cards with gold engraving. There were also a variety of typefaces. They became a symbol of status among the middle class.

Card trays at homes were just as ornate and lavishly designed. This allowed visitors to leave their cards when they went to someone’s house. These trays were usually delivered to the lady of the house, who would then examine them.

It’s one of the reasons their business card designs became so important. A type of social etiquette was slowly created around the exchange of cards.

However, the formality did lessen over time. People started handing them out before or after the completion of work. They often included maps to make contacting the person easier. 

Today, most people with a business or a role in an organization carry business cards. It’s an easy way of exchanging information. It also provides a glimpse into your company and what you do.

Business Card Basics

Business cards often follow a traditional style. The standard business card size is 3.5″ x 2″ and includes the following:

  • Your name
  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Contact details
  • Website
  • Company logo and tagline

Some companies only use one side of the card. Others prefer using both to include more information. The key lies in creating a business card that is not only of high quality but one that also has elements that stand out.

Business Card Design Ideas

That’s where business card design comes in. Your card should include all the elements above. Simply changing how you present even one or two of them can make a huge difference. 

Here are a few business card ideas that reflect this:

Color and Texture

Don’t be afraid to go beyond white. Use vibrant colors to highlight your business card. It’s one way to make your card stand out.

It’s also a great way to incorporate the colors of your logo. Just remember that you’ll also need to use contrasting colors so that your log stands out.

In addition, experiment with textures. Try foiling or letterpress, if appropriate. It’s one of the first things someone will notice.

Stock and texture are two things that reflect the quality of your card. Choose them well, so they reflect the image you want to portray. In a stack of business cards, one on thick paper with a colored edge will be prominent. It’s also easier to find.


Just as you venture beyond white, do the same with size and shape. There’s no rule that says your card needs to be rectangular. Of course, it’s wise to keep the size close to the standard so it can fit in wallets, etc.

But, you can still be playful. If you’re a bottler, why not do a card in the shape of a bottle?

Not that adventurous? Then consider a curved or non-traditional edge so there’s a hint of difference. Even though it’s a subtle addition, people will notice. 


This is just as important. You can use it to highlight the information you want to stand out.

However, the rule of thumb is that it should be easy to read. This is important if there are words on your card people may have difficulty spelling. 

Showcase Your Business

Your business card can give a snapshot of your products and services. When including your website, use a URL that links to a product or service page.

You can also create a special welcome page and use that link. Its URL should be short and easy to remember and type. For a modern touch, package the page in a URL code.

You can also use one side of your card to include a photo that shows one of your products or highlights a service. Don’t forget to also take the opportunity to highlight your skills and specialties. This is one step further than a job title and gives more insight into what you do.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Experts predict there’ll be almost 4 billion people using social media this year. That’s an increase of almost 5% from last year. It’s a perfect way for potential customers to learn more about your business.

Include one or two of your handles on your business card. You don’t want the list to be overwhelming. It should be enough for them to connect, and then they can find you using these channels or via your website. 

Because you’re sharing this information, try to keep handles professional. It’s best if they reflect your name, your company name, or what you do.

White Space

All the information above is a lot to try to include on such a small surface area. That’s even if you use both sides. You’ll need to lay out your card in a format that’s easy to read.

A cluttered card is a turnoff. Leave as much white space as possible and make sure to include the important elements. 

A Lasting Impression with a Creative Business Card

The concept of business cards is centuries old. Today they still have the same underlying purpose. They provide information about yourself and your company.

It’s an opportunity to make an impactful first impression. That’s why creative business card design is so important.

You’ll want to ensure you include the elements mentioned above. Each should contribute to the creation of a classy finished product. 

Sounds like a lot to capture and incorporate? Plus you have to ensure you get it right. 

There’s no need to worry. Some companies will provide you with step-by-step design services. The result will be an amazing finished product.

Catdi, Inc. is one of them. We help our customers get to the next level. We can help you too! Contact us to request a quote today!

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