Customized Postcard Direct Mail Marketing

Have you ever wondered how you can get customized post cards at cheap rates to send to your business associates/ family and friends as well as be easy on the pocket? Well, here is your answer; Catdi, Inc is a regional leader in the postcard marketing industry based in the Southwest.

Postcard Marketing Services
Postcard Marketing Services

Though they are based in Houston, Texas, USA, they cater to customers all around the United States through their website They are direct mail pioneers online and their business is growing leaps and bounds. The internet is a great way to advertise your business to the world.

There was a time when printing costs were high and people had to keep aside a chunk of their capital for printing and advertising. Not anymore. Thanks to online printing facility, cheap postcards have made life easier for you. Digital printing gives clarity to the card as well as brings your business entity to life. You can choose the semi gloss aqueous coating for your card as well as get artwork done on it at throw away prices. This can be custom made for your clients according to their individual needs. Generally it takes a couple of days to print cheap postcards but if it is a rush jobs you can get it within a day. It’s as simple as that. You can have up to 20k prints at a time. This fast turn around can help your business as both your investment and time spent is minimal. There are also bigger discounts for direct mail automation postcards from Catdi,Inc.

The main aim of making brochures or post cards is to convey the message about your business. It is indeed that postcards are amazing image enhancing tools. Hence the art work on your card should emphasize it. This is the key to create a good impression on your clients as this is what they see first. As a strategy, your cheap postcards should always aim to reflect the image of your business in a manner that is professional and in line with your corporate identity. Since it acts as the face of your business, your postcard printing can very well reflect this corporate image that you want to project.

Due to global meltdown American economy has tumbled and is in a mess. Where is the money for businesses to advertise or market their products? If marketing and advertising is nil then how does a business grow? The best solution is to use online printing of cheap postcards that will not only help you in getting good quality at great prices but also help in marketing your business and in turn increase your business’s bottom line with a tiny investment.

Be it rack cards, pocket folders, sell sheets, direct mailers, door hangers or brochures and graphic design templates all can be done at cheap rates yet not compromising on quality. The cost per print is 5 cents which is hardly anything. A major advantage of online printing is that you can see actually how you would wish your post card to be, before placing bulk orders.

If you wish to print your family vacation or get together or weddings, cheap postcard is the best way to go. Memories are always cherishing and you wish to share it with your loved ones. Printing cheap postcards online will help you to send cards to all your friends and well wishers for special occasions. You can have tailor made postcards of special occasions for different family members as it costs nothing. After all it is the message and how it is packaged that is exciting. One simple, cheap postcard can convey more than what thousand words cannot do. Isn’t it?

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