How to Develop Your Brand with Print Designs


How to Develop Your Brand with Print Designs

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As a business owner in this day and age, digital channels such as your website and social media networks may have a lot of your attention. These may pay off well but you could get bigger and better results by focusing on developing your brand with print mediums like direct mail ads, magazines or flyers.

Consider this for a moment. Print media such as pamphlets and newspapers have been around for a long time and they are not likely to go anywhere. The medium is quite powerful and can be used to spread brand awareness and reach out to potential customers successfully. According to a report, around 79 percent households have stated that they go through direct mail advertisements.

If you are confused about how to go about it, these are a few ways that you could consider to develop your brand with print designs.

– Find the Right Distribution Channel

It is important to focus on finding the right method of distribution to attract your target audience and convert more customers. For designing a flyer or brochure that catches the attention of the consumer instantly with its content and layout, you need to find a professional graphic designer. Once you get your print design, then find the distribution channel that is fitting your brand. Then, look for community gatherings such as sporting events or conferences where you can distribute them to large groups of people.

Or even better, use your calendar and take advantage of holidays and events to pump up your campaign. This kind of strategy is very useful as events, especially traditional ones, are deeply ingrained in many people, and going along into the celebration will give your brand a certain distinction and recognizability.  You may incorporate 4th of July designs, or whichever holiday that would suit your product and your brand.

Basically, the idea is to come up with a distribution channel that helps make consumers familiar with your brand, products or services. If you think that advertising in a newspaper or magazine will increase awareness about your brand, then you can advertise through those as well.

– Invest Heavily in Direct-Mail Marketing

As found in a study, almost 73 percent of consumers prefer to receive messages by mail from brands as they can look at them later as well. So it is a good idea for you to keep a chunk of your marketing and promotional budget for direct-mail advertisements.

If you think about it, sending mails to your target audience can actually help you gain a huge advantage over your competitors. You see, not every business owner focuses a lot on developing or building their brands through print mediums. When you tap into that space, it gives you the opportunity to connect with your consumers personally and convince them to explore your products or services before others.

People usually like receiving mails and direct-mail ads can help build a positive perception in their minds about your business. Other than that, you can also get as creative as you want with direct mail. LavOnline, a laundry business in Italy, sent a leaflet in the form of a t-shirt to their target audience and a tomato in a box. They asked consumers to crush the tomato or create a ‘splat’ on the given mark.

Many people think that since everything is digital now, direct mail is already dead.  But there are still people who prefer to receive this traditional way of sending messages. And, if your target market is the relatively older population, you can benefit from this greatly.

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This ad helped them experience a quick growth with many new customers signing up on their website and hiring their cleaning services.

– Use Strong and High-Quality Visuals

Think of this like a tactic or a strategy that will help you grab attention instantly in print just as it does on digital mediums. By using high-quality imagery and visuals, you can engage the consumer quickly with your flyer, brochure, magazine or newspaper message.

Since pictures are one of the first things that people are likely to browse through on any of these mediums, you should promote your brand through them. Incorporate high resolution images of your products or highlight your services with catchy ones. Keloptic, a brand for eyeglasses, really made waves with their very clever ads which featured a blurry painting of artist Van Gogh.


   Image Source: Pinterest

The ad showed that when the glasses made by the company were put in front of the picture, the face of the painter could be seen clearly.

You can even promote a social issue and show your target audience how your brand is actively involved in being eco-friendly or in an anti-bullying campaign. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you can really tell a good story in your print campaign. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society released these ads in print to encourage people to reduce the use of plastics.


Image Source: Pinterest

– Offer Loyalty Rewards

It has been proven by big brands like Starbucks that loyalty rewards can certainly help brands grow and reach out to a wider consumer base. You can offer your audience points in leaflets or brochures upon the purchase of a particular product. Otherwise, you can include a loyalty card with a direct-mail ad and encourage customers to return again as well. One thing that worked for them is collecting stars through beverages purchased that a customer needs to fill out on a card. Once filled out, the customer may claim a reward. It could be a planner, bag, or limited-edition mug. This tactic became a massive hit and upped the loyalty meter of their customers.  The journal is printed on elegant recycled paper and is filled with printed coupons that they can claim all year round which is another tactic for increasing customer traffic in the store. All those printed marketing materials targeted not just one objective but several.

So there can incentives such as a free item after a customer has earned around 1000 or more points or exclusive services that only long-time customers can claim. Giveaways such as coupons can also work very well in attracting potential customers.


To Sum Up

These are some ways that can help you develop your unique brand with print designs. In the end, you could benefit greatly by reaching out to consumers that might not be accessible through digital channels. If you focus on creating attractive designs in your print ads, you can certainly help your consumers remember your brand and recall it later on too.


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