Making Political Direct Mail Work

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Why Direct Mail is Still a Powerful Tool for Political Campaigns

In order for political campaigns to be successful, they need to be direct and messaged effectively. Direct mail is a great way to do just that, but it can often be difficult to make it work. This article will provide tips on how to make your  political direct mail campaign successful.

A successful political campaign entails a mix of outreach and messaging. Voters must know who is running for office to get ready for the influx, which is the first pillar. The second pillar is communication to relay the details of all the candidates, their positions on issues, and their views regarding critical policies. Getting the message out there requires the utilization of a range of online and offline marketing methods to reach out to as many people and voters as possible. Both reliable and best practices for aspiring politicians and existing representatives are mailers, brochures, postcards and EDDM marketing.

Here Are the Top 4 Most Popular Direct Mail Methods Campaigns Can Use

Mailed Letters

Letters are typically the very first communications that introduce candidates as professionals that are able to handle relevant affairs. Logos, taglines, party symbols, and the candidate’s headshot are often used in these letters. Adding a QR code that participants can scan using their smartphones to continue the conversation online with custom-made web pages and video content through custom landing pages. After that, select a card stock that can be printed 4-color on one side using heavy 100LB gloss stock, then folded into standard 10 envelopes for mailing. The only downside is that these take longer to get in the mail and distributed than say EDDM or regular postcards.

Brochure Mailers

Brochures are perfect for conveying information visually, and are often more aesthetically appealing than other letter mediums. They’re especially well-suited to introducing a candidate or discussing the goals of the city or town they hope to serve. Brochures can also be distributed during rallies and walking to acquire attention from different members of their community. The brochure’s design should be vivid, simple, incorporate bleed areas, and include approximate margins for delivery and folding. Photos and graphics must be handled beyond the final dimensions of the brochure to allow for room for cutting and folding. Catdi Printing offers templates for these types of items to campaign staff and design specialists as a reference for accurately constructing such products.


Postcards are among the main advertising methods for regional or national political elections, but how can candidate’s separate themselves from the crowd? Consider going big! Go with oversized mailers which are 6 x 11 in size rather than the usual postcard size of 4 x 6 . The extra space allows greater, more impactful images and copy, and the perceived dimensions increase the effectiveness of the actual dimension. Static or dynamic maps are an excellent way to remind recipients of their local polling locations or ballot boxes. Opting for thicker stock and adding a UV coating not only gives a premium impression but gives added protection for the postcard as it goes through the postal system.

USPS Every Door Direct Mail ( EDDM )

Pulling mailing list data or determining demographic information can be costly or unreliable. In addition the data could come from non dependable sources like political party or organizational sponsors, but the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service is another option. Candidates can easily canvas specific neighborhoods based on established mail routes. Using EDDM, all mail stops along the chosen route will receive your postcard without needing specific names or addresses. The USPS does have a mailing list service that is not affiliated with candidates, but many parties choose this option because they will have the most targeted communication. All you do is select the area and your done!


The USPS does have a few requirements for the EDDM program, including:

  • 200 or more pieces or over 50 pounds of mail
  • maximum of 5,000 pieces per day per 5-digit ZIP code (this limit is for retail permit only) Catdi Printing utilizes its own permit so the number is unlimited on how many you can mail
  • minimum sizes of at least 5” x 3.5” or 10.5” x 6.125” for flats
  • maximum weight of 3.3 ounces

EDDM in conjunction with Catdi Printing has templates here. Also Catdi Printing has EDDM and political direct mail pros on hand that makes the task of getting constituents easier, cheaper, but your mail campaign’s typography must meet USPS standards. Fortunately, the product selections and templates made available by makes everything much easier.

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