Malware Infected Your WordPress Blog and WordPress Hosting Environment?

Malware Infected Your WordPress Blog and WordPress Hosting Environment? Catdi Can Help

Along with hacking attempts, malware is another common experience these days for website owners. WordPress is one of the world’s most popular web hosting platforms, and that makes it particularly vulnerable. With every passing day, bad actors are finding new ways to create software that automatically exploits holes in security. Malware is particularly rough because it can easily go undetected.

Has your website been acting up or slower than usual?

There are a number of reasons your website experience could be slowing down. The prime concern if this is happening to you is the possible presence of malware. Rest assured, if your website has been slowing down, we can fix the problem no matter what it is. But the presence of malware is very serious, and determining if your website has been infected is priority one.

This is a problem that is very routine, common, and not going away any time soon. Unfortunately, malware is specifically designed to exploit problems in out-of-date software. This can include your main platform as well as plug-ins and features of your website. This requires constant, routine monitoring and updating. Even with these up to date, problems can still occur.

Has your website been getting errors from your browser?

If your website has been generating a number of errors from your browser, it is very likely a malware issue. Of course, you want your pages and site features to load properly regardless, but this may point to malware as the cause. If so, that’s a very serious issue.

Common error messages include a range of messages that indicate no server response, 404’s, that relay that your browser was unable to communicate with the host or specific messages within your website layout about a plug-in or feature. Additionally, you may even receive a message from your anti-virus or anti-malware program on your computer, or the browser itself may refuse to load the website.

Has your host provider quarantined your website?

If your web host has determined that you have been infected, your website will be quarantined. What that means is your website has been shut off to outside access. Just as people are quarantined when they are sick, so too has your website. This means you are losing sales and it projects a poor image. Your website visitors do not want to provide their trust to a website that’s been quarantined.

Obviously, you want to fix this problem immediately, but it does no good to get your website back up and running only to have this happen again. Without the core problems addressed, this is precisely what will happen. Fixing the problem once and not developing a game plan is throwing money away and will eventually destroy your reputation in full.

Fast Turnaround in fixing your website

If you’re suffering any of these problems, you need to act fast to prevent further catastrophic problems to not only your website but your business and its reputation. We take these matters very seriously, and so should you.

By hiring Catdi, A Houston based web design and marketing firm,  you’ll get our years of experience in tackling precisely these problems. We pride ourselves on not only getting it done right but getting it done fast. We then provide a game plan to prevent these issues from ever happening again.

You have enough to focus on with your website, so let us handle the technical details of keeping you safe and secure at Catdi.

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