New Business Direct Mail Ideas that Really Work

new business direct mail

Coming up with ideas for a new business direct mail campaign can seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. New customers are essential to any business’s longevity. There are many helpful and well tested ideas, which can help your company attract new business, so that you can flourish and thrive.

Include Real Testimonials From Actual Customers and Clients

When you design new business direct mail, including real testimonials from actual customers and clients shows reliability. You have already been tested by someone else and passed. Some mailers may include a testimonial with only a first name or customer initials. These are suspect, because they can be faked. Ask actual customers if they are willing to provide a testimonial for you, and use their actual name and location.

Hold a Special Event and Invite Potential Customers Using New Business Direct Mail

If you want your new business direct mail to generate interest and get noticed, then use it to send an invitation to a special event for new customers or clients. The event can be as simple as a new customer sale, or as elaborate as a free gourmet meal. The special event will draw people in, and give you a chance to show them what you can do for them.

Send Out a Valuable Coupon for New Customers

Many companies and organizations send out coupons in their new business direct mail. This can be extremely effective for driving sales and attracting new customers. When the coupon is perceived as valuable, the recipient is more likely to use it. The cost will usually be recovered with future sales. Offer a steep discount to new customers so they try your product or service.

People respond to ads where they have to take action, even if it’s something as simple as clipping along a dotted line.

Source: Business Idea Center

Use EDDM in your Local Area

A great idea for a new business direct mail campaign is EDDM in your local area. Often, most or all of your customers will come from your local area. It makes sense to look for new customers nearby, as well as customers who may have to drive a distance. Every Door Direct Mail allows you to target local zip codes and carrier routes that are close by at a very affordable cost.

Use Variable Data Printing for a More Personal Touch

If you want people to notice you and consider using your business, then variable data printing can help. This provides a personal touch to the mailer. Mailers which are generic and bland do not get a good result, and are just wasting time and money. Your resources are precious. Add a personal touch. You may be surprised by the response that you get.

Include Your Company Website Address and Social Media Profiles

When you are designing new business direct mail, always include your company website address and your social media profiles. The reader needs to know where to find you easily online, and get more information if this is desired. If you do not add these elements, there is a chance the reader may go elsewhere and choose a company that has included their online info on their direct mail.

Offer Several Contact and Order Methods in your Mailer

Only using a website address, or a phone number, as your contact or order details is a huge mistake. Consumers and businesses have many different contact preferences. If you do not offer these methods, then you could be missing out. An order form, website, phone number, fax number, and physical address may all be preferred by some consumers.

Design a Distinctive Mailer That is Memorable

A distinctive mailer can be very effective with new business direct mail. The goal is to draw attention to your business and products or services. A mailer that really stands out and is different from the rest will do this. This idea may be more expensive, but it could also pay off handsomely in the long run and attract a large number of new sales.

Provide a Free Product Sample or Trial

Sending out a free product sample or trial is a great way to show people what your company can do. It allows potential buyers to use your product at no risk to their bottom line, and see the benefits that your products or services can offer. This idea encourages the recipient to try you out. A free product can be used to convert them to a customer.

What new business direct mail ideas have you used? Did these ideas get good results?

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