Promoting Your Business With Tri-Fold Brochure

Tri-Fold Brochures

Are You Thinking About Promoting Your Business Or Event with Custom Brochures? Catdi Printing Offers Tri Fold Brochures in Multiple Sizes, Stocks & Finishes.

Tri-Fold Brochures Work!

Tri-fold brochures are printed marketing pieces designed to be folded into three panels. They are very popular for their ease of transport or distribution by companies. Also referred to as letter folds, tri-fold brochures can often be found being sent out in corporate mail pieces.

Brochures provide your business with a professional image while communicating its details clearly and highlighting special offers or discounts. They can also serve as cost-effective forms of marketing – making them the ideal solution for both small and large businesses.

Pricing for tri-fold brochures depends on a combination of factors, including quantity, paper type, size and turnaround time. There may also be additional charges associated with design services or extra printing services.

Make your tri-fold brochure look professional by including high-quality images and graphics of high-resolution. Ideally, these should be free from pixelation for ease of reading.

Before designing a tri-fold brochure, it is essential that you consider its purpose and your target audience. This will enable you to select design elements and colors accordingly.

If you want to promote your catering services, for instance, including images of dishes offered and testimonials from customers can help make a tri-fold brochure stand out from its competition.

Limit your font choices to two or three, as this will keep the brochure easy for readers and avoid it becoming overcrowded. For optimal results, select simple yet clean fonts for headings and one with bold or italic letters for body text.

Producing a brochure takes careful planning, so entrust it to us at Catdi Printing so we can take care of every detail and guarantee it looks fantastic.

Showcase Your Business

Tri-Fold Brochures are an ideal way to showcase all types of products and services. They can be printed on matte or glossy paper for optimal printing quality, are often more cost-effective than other brochures, and fold up small enough to be carried easily in your back pocket.

Direct marketing through postcards is another cost-effective method that makes your message known directly to potential customers, with customized designs to set them apart from competitors.

Tri-fold brochures should showcase your company’s name, logo, tagline and products and services offered so that readers can easily understand what your organization offers. A good tri-fold brochure will enable readers to understand who and what you are quickly.

Add your website and phone number as additional contact points; these will encourage customers to explore your business further and learn more.

To ensure the success of your brochure, it should include high-quality imagery that will elicit human emotions and make the audience feel as if they know you personally.

As an example, if you represent a sports car brand, photographs of its latest models should be prominently featured. Unfortunately, tri fold brochures do not lend themselves well to such images due to creases that interrupt and detract from them.

As with any paper product, selecting one suitable for frequent use requires selecting thicker paper that can withstand repeated wear and tear. Lightweight papers may be more pliable, making folding easier; however they may be less durable over time.

Ideal for showcasing all types of products and services

Make an impactful statement about your brand with tri-fold brochures for business promotion, while simultaneously expanding brand awareness and drawing in potential clients. Our selection of sizes, stocks and finishes offers something suitable to any business’s promotional needs.

Tri-Fold Brochure Success lies in understanding your audience, then communicating the message clearly and convincingly. Our custom printing services provide the ideal way to do just this, with our experienced design and print experts on hand to craft the ideal piece for your business.

Brochure printing services from us come complete with free proofs, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. Contact us now to discuss the next big project your business has in mind; we look forward to speaking to you! For maximum success with any design endeavor, the key is having an in-depth discussion about your goals with one of our expert consultants – so they can create winning custom brochures!

Multi-Use & Multi-Purpose

Tri-fold brochures are one of the most frequently utilized print marketing media due to their versatility and simplicity in use. From self-mailers and direct mail letters, to brochure inserts in mailings containing direct mail letters containing tri-fold brochures inserted with direct mail letters; tri-fold brochures offer cost-effective marketing that’s simple for design and distribution.

Brochures are an invaluable part of many marketing campaigns, as they showcase products and services, promote a company’s brand, and summarize key product information in an easy to digest format. Flyers provide an effective way for businesses to increase visibility within the community while marketing themselves successfully.

There are also special folds you can employ to enhance the effectiveness of your tri-fold brochure, including the accordion and Z-folds. An accordion Fold divides your brochure into four or five panels which zigzag against one another – perfect for providing generalized product and service information.

As readers flip through your brochure, the front cover should be the first panel they see. Having your layout reflect this order will increase readability for readers.

Be sure to organize the content of your tri-fold brochure in an intuitive fashion, placing the most essential and relevant details at the forefront. Use the remaining panels of information about products or services you provide as space fillers.

Remember to make your designs print-ready by including full bleeds on all panels. This can often be an issue when submitted for printing as images and text can wrap slightly onto panels behind when folded over.

Ideal for Direct  Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing offers the ideal way to attract new customers while keeping in contact with current ones, cost-effectively targeting specific demographics.

Tri-fold brochures can be an ideal way to promote specific products or services. Easy to create, they come in various sizes, and they can even be printed onto high-quality paper for optimal results.

For optimal brochure design, take time to understand your brand and its message. Once you understand this information, begin creating a brochure that will leave an impactful lasting impression with its audience.

Tri-fold brochures should display your company name, logo, tagline, products and services clearly and succinctly so readers understand its contents and how it may benefit them.

As part of your brochure design, make sure to incorporate a call-to-action that encourages readers to take the next step – whether that be inquiring about products, contacting you via email, or visiting your store. However Catdi Printing has a team of dedicated graphic designers that can help create a professional brochure.

An integral component of creating an effective brochure is including high-resolution images of your products and services, so your target audience can easily compare what you offer against what competitors provide.

Once your tri-fold brochure is finished, it’s time to distribute it. You can do this simply by handing them out or by using our direct mail services.  Your brochure can be sent directly to its intended target audience and will provide them with an inviting piece of direct mail that will help drive new business!

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