Summer Print Special- Direct Mail Cheap Postcards , Great Results

Once summer sets its shopping time in America. People troop to malls and retails to buy stuff for their homes. Businesses also loosen their purse strings as there are many sales and discounts available during this time. The internet is no different from a business. is selling postcards at discounted rates especially for summer. The Summer Special Direct Mail Processing Starts at .04 cents with no setup fees. This new low direct mail processing fees allows small businesses to use direct mail as an effective tool to reach new customers. You can book your bulk order and get it delivered instantly at a very minimum expense.
To make direct mail services you can start printing as low as 200 pieces. This makes direct mail more affordable and is indeed an effective tool. If you are a small business or are planning to start one then avail this summer discount and enjoy the benefits of You can Email them or send as fliers with dailies. If your small business is a home based business, then it is all the more reason that you should print bulk orders of fliers and brochures to market your business.

When Martha’s company down sized she was given the pink slip. Martha was relieved than being sad as she wanted to start something on her own. Her home made cookies and chocolates were well appreciated by her friends and relatives. She started to bake and make chocolates at home. Initially she had orders from neighbors and friends who wished to help her. Her confectionary was so infectitious that soon more and more orders started piling up. Unable to manage on her own she hired a small shop and a couple of employees. She printed postcards and brochures and sent it along with the local daily. Her business grew and today Martha is earning more than what she was getting from her previous employment.

There are many people who wish to advertise their small business but don’t know how. Postcard marketing can be done to draw customers to your shop. If it is a home based business then you need to get an e-brochure designed so that it is appealing to clients. offers graphic designing and layout facilities also. If you are making your business cards then you need to make it in an eye catching way. You also need to convey the message about your products and services. They also offer email list services. This will enable you to reach out to a wider audience. If you are selling kitchen tiles or pet care items, then you need to advertise not only in your neighborhood but all around town also. The machine used for printing is of high quality and known as HP Indigo Machines. The quality of these machines is equal to offset printing quality.

At you not only get quality work at affordable prices but also get great customer service. You may think that printing your brochure may take a while but at it takes just 2 days to print as big an order as 20,000 cards. Since it is digital printing all you need to do is send your requirements to them through Email and they will show you various styles. Choose the one that suits you and place your order. Within two days the cards arrive at your doorstep. If you wish to buy readymade postcards then you can get them at throw away prices. See, it’s as simple as that. You needn’t waste time going to the printer. Another major advantage is sitting in New York you can place your order in Houston where they are located. At New York it maybe expensive to print cards; hence you can get your advertising and marketing done at half the price from this Houston based company. So hurry and avail your summer discount of 0.04 cents per card. Wow! That’s a steal!!

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