The Dos and Don’ts of Designing Spot UV Rack Cards

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Hey, you’re here! So you must be intrigued by the art of creating spot UV rack cards, right? These aren’t your typical marketing materials. They’re like the VIPs of the rack card world. Handing out these cards isn’t just about sharing info; it’s like giving out little works of art. Keep reading, and you’ll soon know how to make these eye-catching cards yourself.

What Are Rack Cards with Spot UV Coating?

Ever picked up a card that made you go, “Wow, what’s this shiny thing?” That’s spot UV rack cards for you. They’re cards with a UV-cured coating on chosen areas, giving them an irresistible sheen. But what are rack cards with spot UV coating? They’re more than eye candy. Think of them as functional art. They give you the opportunity to guide a viewer’s focus where you want it.

Why Choose Spot UV for Your Rack Cards?

Why Spot UV? Simple: it’s a show-stealer. Apart from lending a touch of elegance, Spot UV also adds texture. This means it’s not just visually appealing, but tactilely engaging too. So, you’re getting a two-for-one deal in attention-grabbing.

The Five Essential Dos in Designing Spot UV Rack Cards

  1. Choose High-Impact Areas for Spot UV

The essence of spot UV is to shine a spotlight on certain aspects of your card. Therefore, selecting the right areas for spot UV application is critical. Key elements like your company logo, name, or specific text can greatly benefit from this accent. 

Why? Because it directs the reader’s attention exactly where you want it. Imagine handing over your rack card to a potential client; their eyes will naturally be drawn to the shiny, high-impact areas. Thus, making them more likely to remember those crucial parts of your marketing message.

  1. Opt for Quality Cardstock

The foundation of a great spot UV rack card is, unsurprisingly, the cardstock. Not all materials are created equal. Choose a high-quality cardstock like the 16PT C2S (Coated 2 Sides) Card Stock. Why does this matter? A high-quality cardstock not only gives a premium tactile feel but also ensures durability. 

Your custom rack cards with spot UV coating will not only look good but last longer, thereby giving your recipients something substantial to hold onto. Remember, the first impression often happens through the sense of touch.

  1. Leverage Color Contrasts

Color is a powerful tool in any design, more so in a medium where you’re utilizing spot UV. Contrasting colors make your shiny UV spots stand out even more. Picture a vibrant red next to a sleek black; your spot UV accents will gleam, and the visual impact is heightened. 

The play of light and shadow will be impossible to ignore. So, always opt for contrasting colors to make sure the spot UV elements pop and attract attention. This is critical in creating a visually captivating rack card.

  1. Test with Prototypes

Oh, don’t underestimate the power of a prototype! Making a sample run allows you to literally feel and see the product before you produce hundreds or thousands of them. Let’s say you’re ready to print rack cards with spot UV coating, wouldn’t you want to make sure they’re perfect? 

Absolutely. Prototyping enables you to rectify any design flaws or material issues. You get to fine-tune the details, thus ensuring that the final output matches your expectations to a T. Always, always make prototypes.

  1. Double-Check File Formats

In our modern tech-filled world, the way you save your design files is just as key as the design itself. The type of file can really affect how good your printed cards look. Go with PDFs, they’re reliable. They keep your design, colors, and text looking just like they do on your computer screen.

So when you’re about to send your files for spot uv rack cards printing, double-checking the format can save you from unpleasant surprises. No one wants to open a box of freshly printed cards only to find that the colors are off or the text isn’t as sharp.

The Five Don’ts You Must Avoid: Spot UV Rack Cards

  1. Don’t Skip the Proofing Stage: Spot UV Rack Cards

I can’t stress this enough: proofing is not optional; it’s a necessity. When you’re about to dive into a spot uv rack cards printing project, you don’t want any hiccups. You’ve invested time, effort, and, of course, money. Skipping the proofing stage is like baking a cake without tasting the batter. 

There might be an essential ingredient missing, or perhaps you’ve gone overboard with another. Always proof your design for text errors, color accuracy, and even the placement of the spot UV. Get a second or even a third set of eyes on it. Better safe than sorry, right?

  1. Don’t Overuse Spot UV

Let’s talk moderation. Spot UV is stunning, no doubt. But remember, less is often more. Overdoing it can overwhelm the design and confuse the message you’re trying to convey. When everything shines, nothing does. 

Your reader won’t know where to focus their attention. Imagine a room where everyone is shouting; you wouldn’t know who to listen to. The same logic applies here. Strive for balance and harmony in using spot UV. Let it accentuate, not dominate.

  1. Don’t Ignore Text Legibility

Flashy elements can be exciting, but they shouldn’t steal the limelight from your core message. The purpose of a rack card is to communicate specific information. If that message gets hidden behind all the flashy stuff, you’re off track. 

Check that the words are simple to read. Letters should be a good size, and the color should be clear. You wouldn’t want folks struggling to see or, even worse, throwing away the card because it’s tough to read. Always think about making things simple and clear for anyone picking up the card.

  1. Don’t Use Low-Resolution Images

We live in a high-def world, so why settle for anything less? Using low-resolution images is a surefire way to dim the shine of your rack card. Grainy or pixelated images cheapen the look and detract from the quality that spot UV brings. 

Always use high-resolution images to maintain that sleek, professional look. The quality of the images should match the quality of your custom rack cards with spot UV coating. This will ensure your design looks polished and top-notch.

  1. Don’t Neglect the Backside

Two sides, double the opportunity! The back of your rack card isn’t just extra space; it’s an additional canvas for you to convey more information or add another call to action. Often, businesses focus solely on the front and leave the back blank or underutilized. It’s like ignoring the flip side of a coin. 

Use the backside to complement the front, perhaps providing more detailed information, a promotion code, or even testimonials. This not only maximizes your message but also gives your recipients more reasons to hold onto the card.

Spotlight on Catdi Printing’s Spot UV Rack Cards

Before we call it a day, check this out. Catdi Printing offers top-notch Spot UV Rack Cards that are the epitome of quality. Our cards feature 16PT C2S Card Stock, Spot UV gloss on both sides, and stunning 4-color process printing. In essence, we offer you the best bang for your buck. So let’s drop these in your cart and see your brand thriving like never before!


You’ve reached the end of this all-in-one guide on how to make spot UV rack cards. Now you’ve got the know-how to create cards that look awesome and get your message across. So why wait? Time to make a memorable impact!

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