Using Direct Mail Marketing to Millennials – Will It Work?

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Why even bother??

In years gone by, marketing was a simple process with a simple budget. Once the budget was set, companies would often use one form of advertising and hope this brought the results they desired. Today, we know that each and every market reacts differently and this has led to a complete segmentation of the market. Suddenly, companies have several different channels for which they use to appeal to different types of customers. While older generations prefer a leaflet through the door, millennials are spending their time on facebook, linkedin and the latest technology.

bigstock Direct Mail Advertising Arro 78076274
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This being said, there’s no reason why you can’t introduce direct mail marketing to younger generations and see results. With the parents of millennials working long hours and unsuccessfully balancing work and life, the younger generations aren’t all too focused on earnings and money. All their lives, they’ve been told to forget about the money and find a job they enjoy. With this in mind, they value the ability to make a difference, have personal freedom, and enjoy flexibility. If they see a good piece of direct mail marketing, they’re going to act so how can you target them this year?


Personalization and Individualism – As we’ve seen, this group wants to combine to make a collective difference to the world. However, they also appreciate individualism and this has allowed many trends to start over the years. For example, the ALC Ice Bucket Challenge started on social media and allowed for individualism while still contributing to a larger, more important cause. With direct mail marketing, the material should appeal to all millennials on a personal level while showing how their actions can make a big difference to your business.


Social Statements – When it comes to careers, a significant percentage of millennials choose ‘making a difference’ over money and this is an important angle for direct mail marketing. By making a statement with your marketing, aside from the content itself, it can actually have a huge effect. For example, the environment is a big concern right now so using recycled paper for your direct mailing will be appreciated by the younger generations. By choosing your company, they feel as though they’re contributing to a larger cause.


Aside from this, you can donate a certain amount for each response or simply draw attention to an important social issue. By doing this, you instantly grab their attention and you can become the catalyst for change they’ve been desiring for so long.


Introduce Digital Features – Though direct mail marketing is something that requires very little technology, there’s no reason why you can’t encourage the use of technology and the internet. Nowadays, millennials spend their lives rejecting digital programs and invitations to try a new product or service so direct mail marketing comes as a breath of fresh air. With the basics in place, direct mail marketing can then lead people online so you still get the millennials where you want them without having to send numerous emails or create a different direct mail marketing campaigns.


If you follow the three tips above, you can appeal to millennials in your direct mail marketing campaigns this year!




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