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We had to learn this the hard way! It’s unfortunately becoming a common news headline: another website, even that of a major retailer, hacked. Compromised security on a website is no joke: not only can it compromise your information, the information of your customers, and lead to increased costs and decreased revenue, but it also lowers the confidence your customers place in you.

Maybe you’re a major retailer for your area, and your website being hacked could generate headlines. Even if that’s not the case, your customers will surely know. You’ve worked hard to earn your customers, so don’t let a hacking problem grow. Fast, decisive action is necessary, and Catdi is here to help you fast.

We specialize in fixing and updating WordPress websites

When it comes to WordPress, there’s no doubt it’s one of the—if not the—most popular website platforms in the world. It bills itself as easy to use and infinitely customizable. Unfortunately, it does have a lot of problems. The tradeoff for its popularity and vast customization is that it requires constant attention and routine updating.

This creates many opportunities for infiltration by bad actors looking to exploit out-of-date websites, or those not being properly monitored. Yes, hackers specifically will target known vulnerabilities. Not having expert control over your WordPress environment is like a welcome sign on your website for hackers.

We can secure your hosting environment

Thankfully, securing your web host is simple. It requires merely ensuring you have expert, diligent care on hand to monitor for routine updates and exploits. Unfortunately, simple doesn’t mean easy. This is a simple concept that in practice becomes a lot of work. It requires knowing a lot about WordPress and its many plugins, and constantly staying informed.

There is no reason for you to do this hard work yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t. Trust an expert to the technical side of your website, so you can focus on what you do best—getting customers and generating revenue. We’ll make sure that’s all you need to focus on!

We’re pros in fixing and locating issues with your website

Not only are we fluent in WordPress, but we understand its many plug-ins and add-ons. Learning everything you need to prevent successful hacking would require years of experience and training, and ultimately distract you from your goals with your website, such as generating more traffic.

Don’t worry about getting experienced overnight in order to fix your website. Experience comes over time, and successfully diagnosing and fixing WordPress time requires a lot of experience. Luckily, we have that. Don’t stick yourself with taking courses and frustrating yourself over every technical detail. We’ll check for updates and security fixes to your plugins and main platform routinely.

Fast Turnaround

If you’ve suffered a recent breach, don’t worry! Act fast and hire Catdi to fix these issues. The sooner you act, the less damage to your website, customer base, and reputation you’ll sustain. If it’s early enough, we can mitigate the damage almost entirely. So act fast, because your problem is serious!

We’ll act fast, too, and provide an immediate game plan to prevent this from ever happening again. You can rest assured, we fix it once and forever!

You have enough to focus on as a website owner—generating content, marketing, retaining customers, generating revenue—let Catdi keep you secure!

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