Why Choose Vinyl Floor Graphics?

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Floor decals can be an incredibly effective advertising medium for any business. Not only do they engage customers, but they also boost sales and promote your brand awareness. Catdi Printing offers custom floor graphics printing online at an affordable price point. They provide both standard and special sizes so you can get exactly the vinyl floor graphics that you need in no time! With their convenient online printing services, getting custom vinyl floor graphics has never been simpler! Additionally, they’re easy to set up and require minimal upkeep.

Connect With Customers

Floor graphics are the ideal solution for small businesses that need to advertise in an inconvenient location. They can also be utilized to advertise special events or discounts, and can easily be taken down when no longer required.

Vinyl graphics are printed on durable, removable, scratch-resistant materials that adhere to floors with high-tack adhesives that won’t leave behind glue residue when removed. They can be applied to most interior smooth surfaces like hardwood and tile (without grout lines) without issue.

Vinyl floor graphics are an affordable, creative way to promote your business and products. They’re a versatile advertising option suitable for many small businesses such as grocery stores, gyms, salons and take out restaurants.

They can be utilized to display promotional offers and QR codes, put sale signs at registers and checkout lines, as well as present new products. Furthermore, these inexpensive yet effective displays offer increased visibility in a bustling retail environment.

When printing on vinyl, be sure to select a font that’s easy for people to read. Selecting an unreadable font can make it difficult for customers to comprehend your messages and promotions.

 Market New Products

Vinyl Floor Graphics are an effective way to increase brand recognition, enhance your store’s way of finding and encourage customers to return. Not only are they easy to install but can be changed out according to new sales promotions or seasonal events.

They’re an affordable advertising method that can be employed in many places, from grocery stores to gyms to takeout restaurants. Display sale signs, QR codes and other promotion materials on the floors of your business for customers to see new products or new products.

They can be used to display important information, like safety precautions or product details, and are ideal for indoor applications on wood, tile, sealed concrete and laminate. Furthermore, these removable adhesives allow you to take them off without compromising the integrity of your design.

Many Seattle businesses are utilizing floor graphics primarily for safety purposes, such as discouraging social distancing, reminding visitors that COVID-19 is present, or providing guidance along the edges of steps and curbs. They’re also being utilized to emphasize important fire exits and extinguishers.

These vinyl floor graphics are printed with a high-performance TrueVIS printer for effortless installation and removal without damaging your floor underneath. Ideal for interior use on most dry, clean, untextured surfaces – and can even be finished off with GuardLam(tm) overlaminate film that provides slip prevention options. Plus, these graphics come in various sizes and shapes so you can customize them according to your specific requirements.

Make More Sales

Vinyl Floor Graphics are an economical way to make an impact on customers and guests. When used strategically, they can drive more foot traffic into your business, increasing sales in the process.

Signs are easy to place and take down, making them a cost-effective alternative to other forms of signage. Furthermore, these washable markers enable you to keep them looking good for extended periods of time.

Floor decals can be tailored with any logo or design of your choice and come in an array of sizes. They’re an ideal solution for small businesses, retail stores, and offices looking to add visual interest to their floors without breaking the bank.

Floor graphics not only display information about your store, but they can also be utilized to advertise new products or promotions. For instance, a directional sign pointing customers towards popular items on the floor will increase foot traffic and help you sell more quickly.

If your store is large and complex, floor graphics can provide additional assistance for customers to navigate their way around your aisles and locate what they need. A straightforward arrow graphic can quickly direct customers to departments or specific products, saving salespeople time while increasing customer satisfaction.

They can also be utilized to direct patrons towards their favorite sections of the store and encourage them to return frequently. For instance, if you’re redesigning your layout, directional floor graphics can be placed at each aisle entry to guarantee customers get where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

These decals can be applied to wood, tile, sealed concrete, laminate and carpet surfaces, providing you with a unified design for your space. Plus, they’re slip resistant – stopping customers from falling and damaging the surface beneath.

Before applying your vinyl floor graphic, be sure to clean the surface thoroughly to eliminate any substances which could interfere with its adhesion. This includes loose gravel, dirt, oil residue or any other substance which could clog up the adhesive and prevent the graphic from adhering properly.

Why Choose Catdi Printing?

Are you searching for a way to spruce up your storefront or just show off your logo on the ground, vinyl floor graphics are an ideal solution! Not only are they non-slip and durable, but they can also serve as reminders of upcoming sales or events – perfect for keeping customers moving!

Therefore, they’re an effective and efficient marketing tool that can help your business stand out from competitors! In fact, they may even be more cost-effective than traditional posters for advertising purposes.

Another reason floor graphics are essential to any business is that people remember and process images much better than words do. Therefore, if you can create an eye-catching design or make the floor appear like waves rolling in, your business will be remembered for years to come!

Are you unsure how to design the perfect vinyl floor graphic? Catdi Printing’s team of experienced specialists is here to assist. They’ll guide you through every step of the process, from selecting what kind of message or image you wish to convey through aesthetic appeal and making sure your custom printed graphics fit well into your business environment.

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