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Dear Valued Customers,

The key role we play in our client’s communications supply chain declares us as an Essential Business Service.  What this means to you is that in the event Houston goes under a Stay at Home order, we will continue to be operational across our entire product offering and our suite of services.  The Postal Service is also classified as an essential government service operation, which allows us to continue operations.

As the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the communities where we all live and work, we at Catdi Printing believe it is our duty to do all that we can to help keep each other safe during these times uncertainty.  We are taking serious precautions and we are diligently following the guidelines set out by the CDC to prevent any spreading of COVID-19 in regards to our employees and also our customers. The following changes will be implemented to ensure your personal safety as well as the safety of our team. We must protect ourselves so that we may keep those most vulnerable safe.

  • Continue to provide Quality Products that give you Confidence and Service that you deserve!!!
  • Our Customer Service Teams will be working remotely from home to provide customer service by phone and emails.
  • Teams, of less than 10 people, will be working in production spaced out in apx 30,000 sq ft space.
  • Hand sanitizers and washing stations are located throughout the office to maintain overall sanitary and safety standards
  • Shipping Team members will be working with face masks to help prevent any potential exposure.
  • Delivery or Curbside pickup between 11 am to 5 pm  ONLY
  • Visit our Blog and other resources for up to minute information



We’ll email you when your order is ready.

  1. Drive directly to the pickup area and park at any reserved space for pickup
  2. Have your Job# ready and follow the instructions on the sign
  3. We’ll bring your order out to you!
  4. If you continue to have issues please dont hesitate to call us at 713 882 4629


As new developments emerge, we will continue to monitor the situation and increase our safety precautions based on guidelines provided by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act), the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO(World Health Organization).

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to everyone that has been affected by COVID-19. Please be safe and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.


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