Great Home Improvement Direct Mail With These Simple Tips

Great home improvement direct mail does not have to mean a big headache or a long drawn out process. It is possible to quickly get mailers that are attractive, appealing, and very effective. Minimize the costs, effort and time involved when you understand the following tips and secrets.

Home Improvement Direct Mail Needs to be Attractive and Professional

You want your home improvement direct mail to make a favorable first impression. That means your mailer needs to be professional and extremely attractive to your recipient. If the item does not look professional, then this could cast doubt on the professionalism of your company. Professional mailers speak of the professionalism of your home improvement services as well.

Target New Homeowners in Your Local Area

New homeowners in your local area may offer a good way to expand your customer base. Many people need home repairs and improvement projects on a home that they have recently purchased. Some of these homeowners may not have a trusted company to handle this type of project. Reach out to new homeowners. You could really boost your schedule, and your bottom line.

Don’t Try to Fit All of Your Services on a Single Postcard

One of the biggest mistakes that is made with home improvement direct mail is trying to showcase too many services in a single mailer. Instead, consider successive mailers. Follow up your first mailer with additional mailers detailing one or two services that you offer. This method will usually give you a better response, and more new customers.

Determine Your Ideal Customer Profile Before You Do Anything Else

Before you start the design of your home improvement direct mail, always determine your ideal customer profile. When you know exactly who you are trying to reach, your campaign will be more successful. The profile should include all possible factors. This way, you can target your recipients with better precision, and get a better return on the investment that you are making.

Identify Important Demographics for Mailing Lists

The lists that you use to mail out your home improvement direct mail are a key factor in your campaign success or failure. Identify the important demographics of your ideal customers first. Next, make sure that the mailing lists reflect these priorities. Some brokers may try to pass off outdated or irrelevant lists in order to make a buck. Do your research when it comes to mailing lists.

Pick the Right Type of Mailer for Your Campaign

There are many different types of mailers that you can choose from. Some examples would be postcards, flyers, newsletters, booklets, brochures, catalogs, business cards, posters, and other options. Before you can start the design and printing process, know what type of mailer you will be using. Exceptional mailers are created by great planning and choosing the right fit for your business.

Consider EDDM, but Know the Requirements and Limitations

EDDM is every door direct mail. It can be a good way to get your home improvement direct mail delivered to every door in the specific neighborhoods or zip codes that you are targeting. EDDM offers many advantages. There are also some limitations and requirements. Be aware of both, so there are no sudden surprises and you can use EDDM to your utmost advantage.

Track Your Campaign in Every Way Possible

It is very important to track your mail campaign from start to finish. The data that you collect from this tracking can help you make adjustments when they are needed, so that you get better results. You can add a tracking code to each piece. Another option would be to set up a separate phone number that is only used for this campaign. Decide how you will track your campaign efforts, and then do it.

Make Your Mailer Interactive

QR codes can add a lot to home improvement direct mail. They make the piece interactive and allow the consumer to find additional information about you and your services. You can add a few survey questions, in order to get feedback from your recipients. Anything that makes the mailer interactive can help boost the engagement and response rates that you get.

Failing to Follow Up Could Cost You

Following up with consumers after a mail campaign can provide valuable information, as well as additional responses and conversions. When you follow up, you can determine which campaign aspects were successful. You can decide which elements could be changed for even better campaign results. This feedback can help you achieve greater success with your next campaign.

What home improvement direct mail tips have you used in the past? How effective were they?

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