Great Marketing Ideas on the Cheap

Direct Mail Advertising on the Cheap 

It comes as no surprise for many that marketing can be a costly endeavor. Even with access to cheap printing of business cards and flyer, online marketing, and, if you’re lucky, cheap TV spots, there still is a cost to these advertising media. As such, for many small businesses it can be a challenge to compete with bigger companies and their larger advertising budgets. Nonetheless, who says effective advertising has to cost a fortune.

Marketing for Cheap

No matter what, you’re still going to have to spend some money on marketing. Still, no matter what market you’re in or the competition you face it is still possible to market cheaply yet effectively. Even if you may never reach the same level as the giants, it is still possible market your business in a much more effective and target manner than that of the broad spectrum manner employed by those larger companies. How do you do such you ask? Well, the following tips should help you get started:

  • Make Yourself Visible – Making yourself visible is not only extremely effective but necessary as well, thankfully there are a number of ways to do it. For instance, considering hosting a special event to be held outside of your business or office. This will give people the opportunity to both see where you are and what you do. In general, its best to do whatever necessary to get people to see your company’s name and/or logo. While, it might not always be useful to give a marketing spiel to everyone, getting your brand burned into their minds is.


  • Get on the Web – No media ever has had as much impact or influence on marketing as the internet has. Quickly it has become one of the most effective tools for advertising. Thus by not taking advantage of this tool you risk losing out on huge marketing opportunities for your business. You don’t necessarily have to sale online, but giving your company a presence online is an excellent way to generate interest. To build this online presence it’s possible to do a number of things: start a blog, create a Twitter feed, create a Facebook page, etc. Basically it boils down to using your resources wisely, as such if handled wisely the internet is capable of generating all kinds of new business and opportunities.


  • Traditional Methods – While traditional methods like print, radio, and TV ads may seem cliché, they exist for a reason and this reason is that they work. Likewise, you should consider using such methods. Even if you can’t afford a spot on primetime TV, you should still try to utilize these methods as much as your budget will allow and you too may soon find out the effectiveness of such traditional advertising media.


  • Get Innovative – Have you ever seen a sign spinner? If the answer is yes, than you probably recognize the effectiveness of such innovations in advertising. Taking advantages of such innovation can be an excellent way for your company to catch the attention of consumers.


  • Old Fashion Word of Mouth – Nothing can be beat word of mouth, when someone you know praises the products or services of a company you are more likely to remember that company in the future. Such effectiveness in advertising makes up for its lack in potential of reaching a broad audience. So consider offering customers special deals or discounts when they recommend a friend as this a great potential in gaining new customers.

As one can see it doesn’t take much to market your company effectively, with the process essentially consisting of getting word out about your company by any means possible. Still, for a better guarantee of success in marketing its best not limit oneself to a single method of advertising. Whatever mix of methods you ultimately choose, the one listed above will be an excellent start in promoting your company.

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