5 Ways to Save Money on Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Saving money on your next direct mail marketing campaign may be a priority. But you want to make sure that you get great results as well as cost savings. One way to cut costs is to use a well-organized mailing list that is extremely relevant, so that you do not have any wasted resources or duplicate charges.

Before you choose a local printer, make sure that you examine all of the possible companies and make comparisons, so that you get the highest quality at the lowest expense. Bulk mailing permits and postage meters can help you save as well because of the bulk discount that these methods may offer. Buying all of the needed materials in bulk can also lower the price per item or unit.

One of the biggest tips and ways to save money with this type of campaign is to decide on the designs and preferred materials before you even consider a printer. Know what you want and how you can be flexible with all of the different aspects. This not only cuts down on the cost but also saves you some time and effort at the same time.

1. Well-organized Mailing Lists Boost Any Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

The mailing lists that you use for your direct mail marketing campaign is one of the most important factors and elements. These lists should be current, well organized, and very relevant to your company and product offerings. If you have lists that are outdated or poorly organized this could cause you to waste money and duplicate your efforts.

2. Compare More than One Local Printer for Total Cost and End Quality

Your choice of a local printer for your direct mail marketing campaign is a top consideration. Each business will charge a specific amount of money for the order. This price can vary by a great deal from one company to the next. Determine which business has the most affordable cost without compromising on the quality.

3. Take Advantage of Bulk Mailing Permits and Postage Meters

Check to see if the local printer chosen for your direct mail marketing campaign has bulk mailing permits and postage meters available. These methods allow you to take advantage of steep discounts due to the bulk amount that will be mailed out. It is possible to obtain a permit for yourself but when the printer already has this it is usually much easier.

4. Purchase Mailing Materials in Bulk for Lower Costs

The materials that will be used for your direct mail marketing campaign should be purchased in bulk, so that you get the lowest per piece price possible. You can save a considerable amount when you buy bulk lots. Your savings can be used elsewhere for other marketing purposes instead. Envelopes, paper products, and other items can be purchased in large quantities so you spend less.

5. Have a Rough Design Ready for the Printer When You Place an Order

The final design choices for your direct mail marketing campaign should be determined before you start to look for a local printer. This will streamline the process and save you time and money both. If you do not start creating the best possible design until you are in contact with the printing company this could delay the finished material delivery and increase costs.

What money saving direct mail marketing campaign tips do you have to share with others?

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