The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX

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What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a technology in which an electronic output device transmits variable data or images from a computer to distinct substrates.  Unlike offset printing, this type of print process does not require a printing plate. This printing method that is used extensively by printing services in Houston TX allows you to send Jpeg and PDF digital files straight for production on fabric, canvas, photo paper, cardstock, or other substrates. 

Types Of Digital Printing

There are various types of digital printing, which include laser, inkjet, and dye sublimation.


Laser printing transfers an image from a digital device and reproduces it on photo paper.  This method uses laser printers which work by directing laser beams at a revolving light-sensitive photoreceptor to reflect the image on the page.

Laser printers use toner or powdered ink particles.  The ink powder undergoes a heating process before being fused to the photo paper under pressure.


Inkjet printing recreates digital images by thrusting droplets of ink onto plastic or paper substrates.  The Inkjet printers produce numerous prints on substrates such as textile, canvas, and photo paper.

Unlike laser prints generated by tonner, inkjet prints are impressed using ink. Although laser images produced with lasers last longer, inkjet printers print better color photos. 

Dye Sublimation

It is one of the commonly used digital printing technologies intended for decorating fabric, banners, and signs. Dye sublimation, also known as digital sublimation, uses heat transfer to impress images to target substrates.

This printing technique uses heat to convey dye onto various materials, such as plastic, paper, and more. This complex procedure requires solidified ink to vaporize into a gas. The vapor then permeates the substrates to create a faultless image.

Benefits of Digital Printing


Digital printing costs less because the process does not require plate-making and fixing the presses. You save on the cost of developing metal sheets, which digital printing doesn’t use.

More so, if you have not more than 100 pieces, the cost of printing is lower than that of traditional offset printing.


Compared to other techniques, such as 3D and rotogravure printing, digital printing is easy and allows multiple modifications. You can make regular alterations to your printed substrate if needed.


Sometimes, even the most efficient printing service provider can be overwhelmed with tasks and deadlines. Traditional techniques like offset printing can be slow, cumbersome, and time-consuming. However, digital printing is well organized, less time-consuming, and offers short runs.

Busy printing firms can rely on this technique to produce top-notch quality prints and achieve the set targets. 


This printing method is best for jobs that need a high concentration of detail. Digital printing enables photographic print with more detail as compared to other screen-printing techniques.

Where to Find Printing Service in Houston, TX

Some of the top 11 places to find digital printing services in Houston, TX include the following: 

1. Catdi Printing the Best Printing Services in Houston TX

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The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 13

Catdi Printing started its operations in 2005 as a graphic/printing company in Houston, TX. It is a commercial printing and direct mail printer that specializes in web design. 

Catdi offers affordable online graphic and design services and can also provide solid marketing networks on the web.  Today, this online print provider serves numerous customers locally and across the Southwest. 

Why You Should Choose Catdi Printing

Strong Marketing Networks
Catdi Printing provides clients with exposure to reliable marketing networks that help businesses stay ahead of the competition. The company’s printing partners contact prospects 24/7 and also attract potential leads.

Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM)
Catdi helps small businesses to advertise to target residential areas in Houston, TX, and the Southwest. The company offers two categories of EDDM accounts.

The EDDM-Retail account permits up to 5,000pcs of mail per ZIP code each day. 

USPS Business Account takes care of businesses with larger volumes of mail that exceed 5,000pcs per day, per Zip code. More so, mail can also be managed online. 

Variety Of Services
You can find solutions to all your printing needs at Catdi. 

The print services offered include digital printing, commercial printing, postcards, and print-ready templates. This printing shop also prints promotional products & swag, brochures, and large format printing.

2. Houston Art Prints Printing Services in Houston TX

Houston Art Prints printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 14

Are you looking for giclee, fine art, and commercial printing services in the Houston, TX area? Houston Art Prints is one of the best and unique printing service providers in the region. With over 12 years of experience in the printing industry, the company has continued to grow and expand its services in commercial printing.

Why You Should Choose Houston Art Prints


Artists who have an eye for fine artistic details will love what this company has to offer. Houston Art Prints is led by a professional artist who ensures that your print project results are on quality materials. 


The company’s art experts create prints that are appealing and with vivid colors. Your business cards, flyers, postcards, and brochures come alive in perfect color schemes that last a long time. 

Framing and Matting 

A majority of seasoned artists come for printing, framing, and matting services at Houston Art Prints. The experts at Houston Art Prints help you keep your art photography print from dust, dirt, and light by matting and framing your pieces. 

3. America’s Star Copier & Printing Services in Houston TX

America's Star Copier printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 15

A majority of businesses in Houston, TX, recognize America’s Star Copier as a one-stop shop for all digital printing and copying needs. The company printer center is off Durham Drive off Washington Ave. 

The print center specializes in business cards, letterheads, invitations, envelopes, resumes, flyers, postcards, brochures, architectural plans, and copy services. America’s Star Copier is the place to go for digital printing for bulky or commercial print jobs.

Why You Should Choose America’s Star Copier


The company prides itself on its advanced printing technology, expertise, and unmatched attention to detail. It is Houston’s best solution for all your personal and business printing needs, no matter how small or big. On average, short-run print jobs take 1-2 days turnaround.

Variety of printing

This one-stop-shop for commercial printing can handle all your print projects with ease. America’s Star Copier can produce the best digital prints. You can trust the company’s experienced designers to generate your full-color banners, real estate signs, poster-sized custom poster prints, or yard signs.

Convenient location

The company is located strategically at 1701 Durham Drive, which you can access in a few minutes’ drive from Downtown Houston. America’s Star Copier’s central location makes it easily accessible to businesses and individuals in Houston, TX.

4. Sel-Fast Digital Printing Printing Services in Houston TX

Sel-Fast Digital printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 16

Sel-Fast Digital Printing is a family-owned business located on 10826 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042. The company is constantly improving its services to the Houston, TX community and is also committed to a better future. The company specializes in bulk mailing services, laminating, mounting, and digital printing.

The printing services include full-color postcards, business cards, labels and stickers, wedding invitations, newsletters, glossy flyers, and more.

Why You Should Choose Sel-Fast Digital Printing

Free Delivery

The company offers to deliver your print jobs for customers within the Houston area. However, this service is for orders over $150 only.


Sel-Fast Digital Printing gives you a 10% discount on all your vinyl banners.

Fine printing

It is the best place in Houston for fine offset printing in 1 to 4 colors. More so, you get color prints that last a long time. 

Large format printing jobs

The company can print up to 60 inches wide by 30 feet projects. More so, the designers at Sel-Fast can print your projects on various materials such as vinyl, plain paper, fabric, and more. Sel-Fast company prints colossal photos or materials for trade fair booths.

5. DeVine Promotions & Printing Printing Services in Houston TX

DeVine Promotions & Printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 17

DeVine Promotions & Printing LLC specializes in commercial offset and digital printing. This printing shop is located at 5411 Brookglen Dr, Ste B, Houston, TX 77017. 

Some of their printing services include banners, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, holiday cards, posters, and more.

Why You Should Choose this among the best printing services in Houston Tx

Customer Service
Working with DeVine Promotions & Printing experts is a hustle-free experience. The staff are friendly and provide you with all the information you need without delay. They provide creative consulting and technical assistance. More so, they communicate in a friendly voice and treat every customer like family.

Professional designers
The company employs experts who take your idea and transform it into eye-catching prints. The company pros take care of your project’s design, concept, and layout.  Whether you need annual reports or newsletters, DeVine Promotions & Printing will help you produce perfect prints that meet your expectations.

The company experts have years of experience printing award-winning posters. The team has helped businesses in Houston, TX, to create dazzling posters that keep heads turning. DeVine Promotions & Printing LLC helps you to put your expertise on full display.

6. PostNet Printing Services in Houston TX

PostNet printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 18

PostNet specializes in print and design solutions. It is a locally owned and run business located on 12680 W Lake Houston Pkwy in Houston, TX. The company provides unmatched customer service in all of the Houston community.

Some of the high-quality printing services offered by PostNet include canvas wraps, calendars, carbonless forms, blueprints, labels, and more.

Why You Should Choose PostNet

Extra Service
Besides being a one-stop-shop for all your printing needs, PostNet provides other services such as binding, laminating, scanning, shredding, and more.

Variety of Printing Services
PostNet has the capability to handle both small and big print jobs. You can rest assured that whatever you need to be printed can be perfectly done by the experts at PostNet. The company’s graphic designers help you to create your ideal design for every piece. 

More so, your completed work can be sent to you through reliable shipping services such as DHL and FedEx shipping.

7. Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 19

The operations of Minuteman Press dates back to 1975. The company rapidly grew and opened offices throughout the Long Island area. Today, a majority of these Minuteman Press centers still operate in the same places as they did then. More so, some of them are still owned and run by the original families.

Some of their digital printing services include brand identity, commercial printing, laser engraving, large format printing, laser engraving, and more.

Why You Should Choose Minuteman Press

Graphic design
Minuteman Press graphic designers create top brand graphics that stand out visually across marketing platforms.

The company’s designers take care of your order from the web to print while ensuring that every design is made to fit your business needs. More so, the designs are crafted to ensure that your brand identity is aesthetically pleasing on all substrates.

#1 Rated

It would help if you chose Minuteman Press for all your printing needs because it holds the number one position in Printing & Marketing Service Franchises by Entrepreneur 2021. Not just once but 30 times and 18 years in a row. It is the best digital printing company in Houston, TX.

8. Copy Doctor Printing Services in Houston TX

Copy Doctor printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 20

Copy Doctor is a family-owned business whose operations date back to 1999. The company boasts of experienced professionals who can handle any of your printing projects. Copy Doctor has various locations across Houston, TX, which offer retail self-service.

Why You Should Choose Copy Doctor

At Copy Doctor, last-minute alterations are not a problem. The company allows you to make changes to your design within minutes of printing.

Commercial Print Proficiency
Are you in Houston, TX, and you need help with printing memoirs or any other book? Copy Doctor is the place to visit. The company has powerful commercial print capabilities that produce ultra-high-quality images.

The company employs the most advanced digital press inkjet technologies for commercial printing services in Houston, TX region.

9. Texas Litho

Texas Litho printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 21

Texas Litho is a renowned commercial printer in Houston, TX, that offers all the necessary printing needs to individuals and businesses in the region.  Some of its capabilities include digital printing and graphic design services.

Texas Litho continues to grow and work towards a web to print solution. A service that will enable online design tools and online ordering of print products.

Why You Should Choose Texas Litho

Folding utilities
Texas Litho is the best printer in the Houston, TX area for newspaper inserts, magazines, newspapers, maps, and brochures.

Advanced equipment

The company’s digital printing department is equipped to handle large sheets of paper and different substrates. You can order to print color envelopes at no extra charge and also have your personalized calendars with family photos.

10. DiscPro Graphics Printing Services in Houston TX

DiscPro Graphics printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 22

The history of DiscPro Graphics dates back to 1999 in a 12,000 square foot office building. It has continued to grow from humble beginnings to a one-stop shop for all your printing needs. The company offers top-notch print services to the Houston market and supports local community programs such as orphanages.

Why You Should Choose DiscPro Printing

DiscPro has the capacity to deliver 16500 impressions per hour, and the advanced proofing system makes press check super-fast, spot-on, and straightforward. Furthermore, the company offers On-Demand digital printing service, which is a quick way to place your order.

Advanced Print Technology
The print center is one of Houston’s best production facilities with a brand-new Heidelberg CX 102 6 color, 40-inch press. DiscPro Graphics has the capability to meet all your commercial print requests both in quality and quantity on time.

11. Best Blue Print 

Best Blue Print printing services in Houston, TX
The Best 11 Printing Services in Houston, TX 23

Best Blue Print is a Houston, TX-based company specializing in printing various items such as signage, vehicle wraps, and architectural plans. Since its inception in 2012, Best Blue Print has delivered prompt and efficient digital presses to individuals and businesses in the Houston, TX region.

Why You Should Choose Best Blue Print

Customer Service
The company offers impeccable customer support service. The design team consists of friendly and courteous professionals. Every client is treated like family, and you get all the necessary help to make your print project a success.

Wide Clientele
Besides being efficient in printing and delivery, the company can serve small and large print jobs. Some of Best Blue Print customers consist of surveyors, engineering firms, builders, landscapers, manufacturing facilities, sub-contractors, and the general public.


Besides being cost-effective, digital printing is also a quick way to get quality prints. This printing technique is one of the fastest growing technologies in the industry. Since its inception, digital printing continues to change and become better, faster, and more flexible.

Today, manufacturers can impress prints of various substrates like canvas, fabric, paceline, photo paper, and more. Some of the printed items include mugs, t-shirts, business cards, flyers, brochures, maps, and more. 

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